Dogs of War

Megasphagion 1, 3,377

3,378 Thriambion 20

We were planning our trip to Lord Periandros’ new marble quarry near a small village on the southern peninsula called Marmakom√®. Since the mayor had contracted my lord in order to build a new temple, it was clearly very important, but work was apparently being impeded by some two-headed dog, and my lord asked me to take care of it.

A Salty Demise

3,378 Polidrysion 10

We headed southeast along the coast to investigate a dream Tydeus had about a sacred helmet.

Triton Treatise

3,378 Protokynion 6

It was a bright and sunny day when we set out from Neolantika to visit the Tritons to ask them about the seaside grotto we had found.

The Dark Tower

3,378 Protokynion 6

We headed north to explore the ruins of Nox’s Ancestral Tower. There was a heaviness in the air, as if a storm was about to break out, though there was only a sporadic light rain. After travelling less than two hours, we happened upon a stone outcropping jutting out over the sea.

Expedition to the Centaur Trading Post

3,378 Lyokymion 6

It was a balmy day when we set out from Neolantika for the Centaur Trading Post. As the day progressed, the slight rain gave way to a rainbow. The blessings of Heliod were with us.

Capture Cordelia's Monstrous Mom

3,377 Therimakarion 5
Dear mom,

Junia, the twin sister of Elmina, who died after the Festival of the Harvest Moon, consented to us attending her sister's funeral.

Tymlor B'kir

Fey touched Drow Artificer

Tymlor's earliest memories are of a house on a mountainside. A fey spirit lived under a tree behind the house and inspired Tymlor when he was depressed. It was a very lonely childhood.

As a child, Tymlor often slept alone in a barn, was withdrawn from other children, and was cared for by fey spirit guardians.

Harvest Moon Mayhem

3,377 Necrologion 17
Dear mom,

After we rescued the captives that had disappeared from Neolantika, a finely attired messenger arrived at the Sward & Board, and approached us as we were enjoying an evening at the tavern.

Discovery of the Missing

3,377 Chalcanapsion 7
Dear mom,

We set out again to find the abomination lair mentioned in our scroll, but we didn't make it far before our plans changed.

Abomination Hunt Soured by Syndicate of Krimnos

Syndicate of Krimnos
3,377 Megasphagion 10
Dear mom,

We set out to find the lair of the abomination mentioned in the scroll we found in the hell spawn harpy lair.

Aribantes Hunts the Hellspawn Harpy

3,377 Thriambion 3
Dear mom,

Another follower of Heliod, a cleric named Pericles, joined us on our hunt for the hellspawn harpy.

Aribantes' Hunt Continues

3,377 Polidrysion 3
Dear mom,

Eudoxos asked to accompany us the next time we ventured into the Eldenwood so he could see the ebony woman in hopes of learning more of the Lord of Death’s intentions.

Compass Rose Captain's Journal

19 Tarsakh

Our journey is ended, though I fear my own is to continue in the most horrible way imaginable. Compass Rose wrecked on a shoal south of Neverwinter. Many sailors perished with the initial impact, and Aleitha was gravely injured. As I tended her wounds, she clutched her talisman and breathed soft prayers. I asked her what the talisman signified. She told me love. Her husband waits for her at Dragon's Rest, having pledged his service to the dragon there. The talisman is made from locks of their hair, woven together as a promise to be reunited no matter what fate might befall them. It might have been a beautiful story, had it not been for Aleitha's gruesome end—and the words of the prayer I heard as she breathed her last. For she was begging Orcus, the Prince of Undeath, to reunite her with her husband.

I held her hands as the breath left her, and I felt a horrible chill pass through her. Next I knew, she was sinking her teeth into my neck. At the same moment, I heard moans begin to rise from the dead sailors all around us. What curse has she brought on us all?

Already I feel a creeping chill overtaking my body. I am securing her talisman with this book in my chest, in the hope that someone who comes after us may end this nightmare by bringing Aleitha's talisman to her husband.

Aribantes Investigates the Haunted Manor

3,377 Astrapion 2
Dear mom,

My companions and I followed Eudoxos’ directions to a merchant's manor, which was reported to be haunted. The merchant was Lord Periandros.

Aribantes' Eldenwood Hunt, Harpy Nest

3,377 Protokynion 4
Dear mom,

I went off to hunt the hellhound that Eudoxos told me about - he’s the rotund and jovial priest at the local temple of Heliod, who I told you about.

Armagecia Octavia Calamites

Human Paladin of Devotion to the Morning Lord

Armagecia was born in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep to Sergio and Blanca. Her father was born in Waterdeep to a Amnian family and eventually joined the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors where he trained to become a wizard. Her mother was born in Amn, where she lived until she met Sergio and moved north and became a house cleaner and servant to noble families. She has a younger brother named Gabriel, who eventually became a bard. Armagecia lived with her family in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep until she was five, when the family moved to a house in the North Ward.