Aribantes' Eldenwood Hunt, Harpy Nest

3,377 Protokynion 4
Dear mom,

I went off to hunt the hellhound that Eudoxos told me about - he’s the rotund and jovial priest at the local temple of Heliod, who I told you about.

At the temple, Eudoxos introduced us to a hunter named Nikolaus who encountered the creature in the woods. He said it appeared out of nowhere and tore his companion to pieces. He said there was a flash of violet light and his friend attacked it recklessly. He also told us about a woman in the woods with pure black skin that appeared as if you could see stars in it. She apparently said, “You can’t use the mortals for your own amusement. Oh, you are not him. Do not be troubled, your time has not come.”

Travelling with me were Belisarius and Nox, and a Leonin warrior named Rahjin.

We travelled southeast, where we were told the creature was last seen, and found a hill topped with circular standing stones. In the centre was a large flat stone splattered with blood.

As Nox was investigating, two winged creatures flew from the centre. Belisarius said they had human faces.

Nox was able to locate some tracks, which we followed.

Eventually we came upon the woman with the pure black skin that the hunter had told us about. We could indeed see the stars in her celestial being. It seems that she is a servant of Erebos, god of the dead, who took a mortal form with another of his servants to hunt a hellhound, which Eudoxos had also mentioned.

We continued on until Nox accidentally met a talking tree called Ecorn. I could not understand it, but Nox said that it warned us not to chop down any trees.

We decided to camp the night in the woods, which passed without incident.

In the morning we continued our exploration and eventually came upon a ruin with a small crypt. It was inhabited by harpies, which we conclude must have been what flew up from the hill. There were nine of them, and they put up a tough fight, almost felling Belisarius, a sturdy warrior.

In their nest we found 4,000 silver coins, six bundles of hides, and three silver claw symbols.

On our way back to Neolantika, we encountered a strange Akroan man, Othomas of Mogis. He challenged any of us to a duel. Before I could accept his offer, Othomas insulted Belisarius and I felt obliged to allow my companion to demand retribution. Othomas attacked the barbarian with divine magic, but he was no match for Belisarius’ rage. Belisarius claimed the priest’s symbol of Mogis.

We will return to Eldenwood to find this hound of hell.

Your son in search of glory,

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