Aribantes' First Expedition to Moon Temple

Heliod is the radiant god of the sun
3,377 Lyokymion 2
Dear mom,

After the dream I told you about, I took a temporary leave from service in the The Reverent Army and returned to Neolantika in hopes of fulfilling my destiny.

Aribantes, Champion of Heliod

Aribantes of Heliod
Human male paladin

Being a soldier for The Reverent Army always seemed an honorable way to make a living while doing some good for society. As a child I always thought I was destined for more, but as the years past, those dreams seemed more and more those of a child's fantasy.

Then one night, I had a dream. I was lost from my battalion, and searching for them, I followed the bright light beyond a hill. Cresting the hill, the sun's radiance blinded my eyes and burned my soul, cleansing me of all my doubts and fears, leaving me with a clarity of purpose. In that moment, all was revealed.

War of the Burning Sky Session 30

Two of the guards from the Wayfarer came into the captain’s quarters and dragged Giorgio out, kicking and screaming, “I’ll never tell. You’ll have to pry it out of me!”

War of the Burning Sky Session 29

The Wayfarer's Ship
The wind and rain had picked up slightly as Ulfgar, Katrina, and Cyrus chased Giorgio up the stairs to the deck of the Wayfarers’ Theater.

War of the Burning Sky Session 28

We decided to visit the Ostaliner Mercenaries and soon found their camp to be more militaristic than most, though not as well organized as the dwarven camp.

War of the Burning Sky Session 25

“Greetings, Laurabec. I am Ulfgar and this is my companion, Angradin,” Ulfgar introduced. “We are Ambassadors of the Blue Sky. Perhaps you’ve heard of us.”

War of the Burning Sky Session 24

Preparing to leave the Lyceum’s conference room for the night, we discussed the captured fiend and the broader implications to the Ragesian assault.

War of the Burning Sky Session 23

With the addresses of the alleged arsons in hand, we went to the most recently burned building, having agreed that investigating at night would give us the best chance of encountering any shady activity.

War of the Burning Sky Session 22

Grandma Baker’s barn was nice and cozy, especially after so many days traveling through the wet swamp, with lanterns providing dim lighting. The loft was filled with hay, and had big doors overlooking her farm.

War of the Burning Sky Session 21

Torrent cast prayer of healing on us, and Ulfgar quickly led us along the trail through the swamp before it could be obscured by the rain.

War of the Burning Sky Session 20

We decided to check out some other boat merchants, and landed on a carpenter, currently busy making what appeared to be a coffin.

War of the Burning Sky Session 19

After regrouping, we searched the goblins and recovered 25 golds, 15 silvers, and some miscellaneous jewelry, including gold teeth and a string of pearls.

Session 1: To Gnomengarde

Gnomengarde entrance (courtesy of Morvold Press)
In the Sword Coast—a vast realm of free settlements surrounded by lawless, untamed wilderness—the druid Reidoth called the two companions to his abode in Neverwinter Wood.

War of the Burning Sky Session 17

After filling the wagon with the two human bandits and their belongings, we decided the ogres wouldn’t fit, so we just took their heads.

War of the Burning Sky Session 16

As I was settling down and reflecting on the day, my head still spinning at having found a handkerchief that may have belonged to my father, who we all presumed to have died in the War of the Silver Marches, I realized that Moradin had just granted me the ability to speak with dead.

War of the Burning Sky Session 14

As Kazyk hoisted its glaive to bring down on Crystin, Haddin ran into the village from the stream, screaming, “No!” The old man knocked Crystin out of the way and plunged a stone dagger into the bearded devil before being cleaved in two.

War of the Burning Sky Session 13

We returned to the Seela village and conferred with Papuvin and Tiljann, explaining what we learned from our visits with Timbre and Gwenvere.