Reverb takes a seat in one of the Lamda shuttle’s cargo holds where he made a makeshift bed for Hest’s unconscious body.

“You would have been proud today, Hest. Trager got captured with the droid on the way from Jaden’s ship and we had to retrieve him.


Things were looking pretty grim for Hest and especially Argunta after their 'negotiations' backfired and the crime boss they were hoping to get in with revealed that they were being traded to the empire. That is until Puppy used his newly acquired jetpack to propel himself with Reverb to the roof of the island villa...well actually 14 meters over the roof, but nothing a little tumble action could resolve.


Sitting down in front of the ship's holonet screen, Reverb scrubs the stains and machine smell out of his armor. "I'm glad I can finally take this helmet off in front of you all," he smiles. It's a common smile.

Visions of Betrayal

We need to talk! Who’s Zanzu? How could you? The questions swirled around his mind as Reverb paced quickly through the new ship they had acquired from Jaden, knowing he had to confront Hest, but still not knowing what he would say. The tension in his neck and shoulders gripped him. It was worse than when he was face to face with that dark force wielder, or when Tarnok was ambushed by the Sith, or when their squad was almost eaten by that giant killer worm.

Puppy Dog Eyes

That was a close call, but we did it. We exfiltrated our target. It wasn’t the most precarious situation I’ve been in, but General Tarnok is usually there to guide us. Fortunately, Hest was there. Not only did he shield us from that red-robed force user, but the target trusts him. They always do. Something about those watery eyes…

Alone in the Dark

It was a dark and bumpy ride and when I say dark, I mean it was pitch black. The crate was vacuum-sealed and air-tight. I was prepared for the journey and eager to reunite with Hest. The truck hadn’t stopped moving since we departed and I was grateful that the driver made arrangements to relieve himself without stopping. As it was, I was already on my last canister of oxygen and we were still rolling steady.