Things were looking pretty grim for Hest and especially Argunta after their 'negotiations' backfired and the crime boss they were hoping to get in with revealed that they were being traded to the empire. That is until Puppy used his newly acquired jetpack to propel himself with Reverb to the roof of the island villa...well actually 14 meters over the roof, but nothing a little tumble action could resolve.

Standing over the skylight in his camo armor, Reverb looked down at the guards congregating below struggling to see up into the dark night sky. A single shot from Reverb's blaster rifle was followed by the sound of the stun grenade he dropped into the room, halting all the guards in the room long enough for Reverb to put a deadly bolt into each of them before Puppy and he dropped into the room to finish the guards in the next room where Argunta and his female companion were being held hostage.

The distraction allowed Hest to take control of the situation downstairs and eventually grabbing Jaden.

The mob boss and his chief, Calamari and Scungilli, managed to escape, but Hest and his crew ultimately delivered Jaden and the blue orb to Father Donovan in exchange for the professor. Unfortunately, the empire has shut down the space port and no one is allowed in or out.

Should the heroes lay low in the temple or get back to their ship? Reaching for his comm, Hest calls out, "Traeger. Traeger? Are you there?"

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