Session 12: Death And Flames In Wave Echo Cavern

The group slept uneasily in the cavern as the rhythmic thunder of pounding waves echoed all around them, loud enough to make the stone underfoot shiver. But their sleep would not last long.

Session 10: Ambushed Again

With Gundren revived, the group was wrapping things up at the castle and planning their next move.

PC: Julious Foragain

Human male druid.

As a young boy, I was raised by poor traders in a small town. Sometimes they traveled to make ends meet. Occasionally they would bring me with them, but often I was left to fend for myself. I never really got along with people and felt more at home among the animals in the woods. As I grew older I spent more time in the woods until I decided never to return to civilization. Eventually I was approached by the keepers of the woods, the druids of The Emerald Enclave. They took me in as one of their own, but also they left me to my own business, enjoying the solace of nature.

Session 9: Saving Gundren

With King Grol and all his minions defeated, the group began to prepare their next steps.

PC: Albrecht Engelhart

Half-elf male bard.

As a young boy, I was raised by a very powerful gentry family in the large city of Neverwinter. My mother was an elf, and my father was a human, and despite the relationship between elves and humans, my mom and dad got along fine. The story I’ve been told is that a godlike figure brought them together and said that this was a destined meeting. They got married two weeks later and began preparing to have a child. The life that was provided to me as being the only child of a noble family was one of time and freedom. I was able to pursue whatever skills I desired. I quickly picked up on the art of social manipulation and economic theory, which lead to my outstanding abilities as a merchant, and conman. One day, however, our manor was raided by bandits and chaos was sewn throughout the lands we owned. Goblins stormed through taking what they could whilst the hobgoblins slaughtered our people. A force unknown to me guided me out of the Frey and into safety. The entity revealed itself as our family patron, and it had found its way to me because my father, the previous warlock, had fallen. I was overcome with sadness, but the patron said that I would soon learn that death is a necessary component of one’s fate, and it may even occur multiple times. I screamed that fate was just a lie used by things like you to get what you want and I would have no part in this relationship. I left the manor and headed for a city.

Session 8: Cragmaw Castle Ambush

A few minutes after Ivor entered the castle, the group decided to enter after him. Unfortunately, from the edge of the surrounding wood, no one heard the ringing of the alarm bells being sounded from within.

Session 5: Confronting Glasstaff

The group slipped through the secret door to find a bedchamber with scarlet cloth drapes covering the walls. The furnishings included a comfortable-looking bed, a wooden chest at the foot of the bed, and a small writing desk with matching chair. Sitting at the desk was a short, dark-bearded human male in robes, studying a tome. He wore a princely mantle of ermine. Briefly startled, he looked up. "Ah my good gentlemen, please come in and join me," he said as he grabbed the beautiful glass staff that was leaning against his chair, to stand.

Session 3: Into The Redbrand Hideout

After being attacked by the Redbrands outside The Sleeping Giant, exploring their hideout under Tresendar Manor seemed like the next best step.

Session 1: Into Cragmaw Hideout

Having just defeated the goblins at the cave mouth, the party considered their next move.

PC: Ivor the Great

Human male knight.

While passing through Phandalin, I was hired by Barthen to travel to Neverwinter to find out what was holding up Sildar Hallwinter and Gundren Rockseeker, who should have arrived days ago.