PC: Philip Ladless

Halfling male monk

Philip, son of Henry Ladless, was born seventy-four fifty-three halfer years on the south side of Velen. Mostly Philip enjoyed his childhood, loving the beauty of the land, but from a young age, work on the farm was quite demanding, and Phil, the youngest of 9, spent large amounts of time alone. While his older siblings embraced the solitude of manual labor, Phil came to dislike it, clinging to any company he could get.

When Phil turned 22, the year of independence in his community, he left for a monastery, at the recommendation of his father. Even by halfling standards, Phil had an exceptionally strong appreciation for some of the materialistic aspects of life, such as food, drink, and music. His father decided that the diligent work ethic of the monks would lead to good future for Phil.

At the Cloister of St. Uzurr, Phil made a lot of friends, and developed a reputation as a funny, happy guy. He also took to the training quickly with a natural fortitude that outweighed his mediocre work ethic, becoming one of the better students. Philip was soon also known as a skilled chef, and took great pride from his concoctions.

However, a couple of weeks before Phil's 24th birthday, he was promoted to the church complex, under the dwarven priest Father Hakdruil, who immediately despised Phil. For one thing, Hakdruil had never been the quickest fighter in training, but wrote this off to his height disadvantage. When Philip, more than 10 wrists shorter than Hakdruil, started winning in training, it made Hakdruil seem weak, and maybe even dishonest. Primarily, although Philip was never openly defiant, his fun-loving, happy nature conflicted with the hardcore values of Ilmater. Hakdruil went out of his way to make Phil miserable, creating long study sessions, enforcing a system of weekly blood sacrifice, and restarting a long abandoned system of fasting.

Eventually, Philip chose to quit the monastery, feeling that he was no longer having fun. Phil would like to find some adventure, go exploring, meet some people, and maybe even start his own monastery or something.

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