PC: Valeria Liz Imer

Human female bard

I grew up in Southern Amphail, in a family of eight. I was the youngest of my parent’s five kids. My mother and father were the leaders of one of the houses of Amphail, the Ilzimmer’s. They were a blood mix between the wizards of the house Eltorchul and swordsmen of house Bladesemmer. As we were a rather wealthy family, me and my siblings were given many privileges that other children and even adults were not.

Although most of my siblings were oblivious to the shortcomings of the politics of our city, but I spent the most time outdoors in the bustling city. This had benefits, like being able to see the city through the eyes of it’s people, not only from atop the cushioned seat of a carriage during a procession. But, it also had its downsides, like the fact that I became lost several times and was only able to find my way back to my family’s manor because of luck and the kindness of people who knew their way around.

My mother would also take me with her to the market sometimes, where I could significantly lower the price of the things she was buying using my charisma and my childish charm. Everyone in family thought that my dashing looks and pleading eyes were something that would pass as I reached adulthood, but now I realize that my “childish” charm was actually a lifelong talent.

My eldest brother Thanvas was hard set on becoming the king, and although he was very respectful to my father face-to-face, when he was around others, he talked about how much of a better king he would be than our laid-back father. Besides for him, me and all of my siblings couldn’t care less about our life of royalty, we all admired our aunt, Lamen Ilzimmer, who was an established wizard, a weathered fighter, and a high-ranking member of an organization known as the Crownstaves, an established group for nobles that have turned into advanced spellcasters.

Since me and my siblings all admired the same person and had a close family
relationship, we all helped each other out in achieving our dream. However, when I reached the age of 15, me and my siblings both realized thateat I didn’t have enough brute strength to be a fighter and wasn’t smart enough to be a wizard. My siblings, although they helped me as much as they could, left me in the dust with their adventurer training. Still, I had an idea for my future. Since I was still extremely Persuasive, I convinced my mother to let me out into the streets for two days and to not interfere with me success in those days. I set up a stand and began playing my favorite instrument, the lyre. At the end of my show, I would weave into my song a verse about people donating money to me. At the end of my 16 performances throughout two days, I had collected an average of 10 gold pieces worth of coppers and silvers. When I returned to the manor, my family finally realized that although I couldn’t become a fighter or spellcaster, I still had lots of potential as a performer or a bard. Since I still wanted to lead a life of adventure, I chose to be a bard.

Because I had proven that I could provide myself with enough money to live a relatively wealthy life, my parents let my go off on my own and do as I pleased. I had always wanted to see the two great cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter, so I first traveled to Waterdeep and explored for a tenday. Then when I began to long for home, left the City of Splendors and went back to Amphail.

In another two tendays, I had made my way to Neverwinter and bought myself a room at an inn when I saw my brother Olaern standing in the doorway dressed as he usually was, in the clothes of a common person. I approached him and he told me to come with him. He had rented a room in a different inn and told me that while I stayed in Neverwinter, he would protect me and guide me through the ways of street life, since he had spent many of his days in the streets helping the poor as a young child and young adult.

And so my story begins...

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