Angradin "Sonnlinor" Hammerforged

Dwarven male cleric of Moradin

Me? I look like a dwarf! I sound like a dwarf! I drink like a dwarf! I hit like a dwarf!

Maybe I'm friendlier than most, not that you can blame my brothers after all they have been through. Just like my father, and my father's sons, I follow the path of Moradin, the Soul Forger and father of the dwarven race. Moradin teaches that wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. I seek to honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stoneworking, and other tasks. It is my duty to advance the dwarven race in all areas of life by innovating with new processes and skills, founding new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats, and lead the dwarves in the traditions laid down by the Soul Forger.

The Outcasts

The Outcasts

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