Letter to Ma 3

916 Ikinampu 8

Later that day we arrived back at Fort Guardian. I took John to the general and we reported our success. They healed John at the infirmary. Tomorrow we will receive another mission.

916 Ikinampu 9

Ursula, the paladin, gave us our next mission: to investigate goblinoid disturbances in the town Renabow in Pensar, about three hours away.

Upon entering the town, Maric was attacked by Crazy Mike, a merchant outside town. Maric killed him with a catapult of gold pieces.

Isaac, the town master mentioned multiple issues:
• Freedom Fighting force
• Brawling over town
• Goblins
• Strange house to the east

Isaac was glad to be rid of Crazy Mike.

We followed the Sinwin River north for about 10 minutes to find the gobins. We encountered eight of them and a warg. We had a tough battle and Dragart and Maric almost fell. Among the goblins was Sufferact, a wolf mage. He was a fan of Lia and helped us defeat the last of the goblins. He told us of slavers in the town of Renabow. His friend Wolfgang is enslaved.

Sufferact led us to ruins told to have healing powers. Once there Maric regained consciousness. In the ruins we found a scroll with scroll with a poem about a golden sword. Isaac found us in the ruins and suggested we investigate Crazy Mike’s hut.

We went back to Crazy Mike’s hut and found  a pouch of 20 GPs and a letter about the rise and fall of the Bretentius’ house. We also found a hidden hatch in the floor leading down to a tunnel.

We investigated Crazy Mike’s cart and we found a potion inside. Brententius identified it as a potion of healing. We followed the trail of Crazy Mike’s blood back to town and into a weaponsmith shop. Inside we found Isaac and the weaponsmith. Apparently they cremated Crazy Mike there. While there we purchased two long swords for Lia.

We decided to head back to Sufferact’s camp for the night.

916 Ikinampu 10

We rested for the night at Sufferact’s camp. In the middle of the night Lia woke me up, alerting me to voices outside our camp. We woke Brententius and investigated. They said they were the owners of the land, specifically a nearby farm. We told them we didn’t want any trouble and that we would leave in the morning. They were concerned about Sufferact. We assured them there wouldn’t be any more trouble. They left and we went back to sleep.

In the morning we went back to Crazy Mike’s Hut with Sufferact. Sufferact stayed in the hut while we went down to investigate. We found tunnels leading to hideouts built into the trees. The hideouts contained storage areas and barracks. We stumbled across some Freedom Fighters and they attacked us. We were forced to kill many of them before we were confronted by their leader, General Ibragim. She refused to surrender, committing seppuku instead. The remaining Freedom Fighters, terrified of Maric’s magic, surrendered. They told us there were only a few Freedom Fighters left roaming around. Inside the hideout we found a letter to General Ibragim from Scout Omega Delta, and it was about us! They must have been the group we encountered in the woods. Apparently the wolf we killed was not their pet, and when they asked us if “we wanna tussle” it was code words. We also found a magic longsword, which we agreed Brentious should carry.