Triton Treatise

3,378 Protokynion 6

It was a bright and sunny day when we set out from Neolantika to visit the Tritons to ask them about the seaside grotto we had found.

The Dark Tower

3,378 Protokynion 6

We headed north to explore the ruins of Nox’s Ancestral Tower. There was a heaviness in the air, as if a storm was about to break out, though there was only a sporadic light rain. After travelling less than two hours, we happened upon a stone outcropping jutting out over the sea.

Expedition to the Centaur Trading Post

3,378 Lyokymion 6

It was a balmy day when we set out from Neolantika for the Centaur Trading Post. As the day progressed, the slight rain gave way to a rainbow. The blessings of Heliod were with us.

Capture Cordelia's Monstrous Mom

3,377 Therimakarion 5
Dear mom,

Junia, the twin sister of Elmina, who died after the Festival of the Harvest Moon, consented to us attending her sister's funeral.