Triton Treatise

3,378 Protokynion 6

It was a bright and sunny day when we set out from Neolantika to visit the Tritons to ask them about the seaside grotto we had found.

We travelled south along the coast with our two heavy draft horses pulling our wagon.

In a few hours we had made it to the village without incident, and were soon passing through the village square. It was not an especially large village, with only one or two hundred buildings.

On our way down the main road, we heard the sounds of a scuffle coming from an alley, but we continued on, intent on finding Pontreus as soon as possible.

But as we continued, we heard a scream, and ran back to the alley, where we found an old Triton lying dead on the group. Examining his body, we determined that he had been murdered by a blunt weapon. Pericles and I attempted to heal the body, but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile a crowd of Tritons was gathering around us. They seemed understandably hostile at first, but when I explained that I was a friend of Pontreus and that we wanted to help, they seemed appeased. A burly Triton named Odexis seemed to be the leader, and I asked him to help us get the body into our wagon so we could bring him to Pontreus at the Temple of Thassa. We were soon on our way with Odexis and the body in the wagon, with a crowd of Tritons trailing behind us.

As soon as we arrived at the temple, I placed the body on the altar, guided by Pontreus.

Pontreus confirmed that there was nothing he could do for the man. When we inquired about who could be the culprit, he suggested it was most likely a group of malcontents who claimed that Thassa had returned from the depths to take the coasts back for the sea. Pontreus explained that this was not like Thassa, who is known for being calm and peaceful unless angered.

I offered our services to Pontreus, who went on to explain that fanatics had been harassing anyone who had traded with the dry folk. He suggested that we speak with the mayor to get more information.

When I asked Pontreus about the seaside grotto, he was familiar with it, explaining that it was known as Lovers Leap and had been used as a place for travelers to rest, but hadn’t been used by the Tritons in many years due to its close vicinity to Neolantika. Elaborating on its history, Pontreus told us how a prince of Akros leaped from the cliff after his bride was carried off, throwing himself into the sea.

Sephiro suggested that the rumours of Thassa may be related to the sisters at the beauty pageant.

Pontreus added that the hooligans often hung out at a seedy tavern called the Sandbar. He gave us a tablet declaring our friendship to bring to the mayor.

We soon arrived at the mayor’s house, and I presented the tablet to the guards.

After a short wait, the mayor came out and invited us in. We quickly explained the murder and offered our help. At first the mayor seemed reluctant, but eager to appease Pontrues, especially when I offered to assist without involving him directly. Sephiro and Tydeus negotiated 1,000 silver coins each if we were able to bring him proof of the murderer. He also suggested we start at the Sandbar, but had no insight into who their leader might be, convinced that it was just rebellious youths and nothing more nefarious.

As we approached the Sandbar, which was an open air establishment by the beach, we could see crowds of Tritons congregating mainly around the place and dispersed along the beach.

I suggested that Pericles and I wait by the beach while Sephiro and Tydeus, both eager to demonstrate their social prowess, try to find out whatever information they could.

Tydeus attempted to get some information out of the barkeep, while Sephiro played a song to endear himself to the crowd. Tydeus followed the barkeep to an important looking Triton and offered to buy him a drink, but the Triton seemed to take offense. Soon Tydeus was fleeing the tavern and trying to hide among the crowd, Sephiro not far behind.

As Sephiro and Tydeus approached Pericles and me, an angry mob of Tritons was right behind them and we were soon surrounded. The apparent leader threatened us if we didn't leave immediately, and I taunted him with accusations of guilt at the murder of the old Triton in town until he lost his temper and attacked, incriminating himself.

The fight appeared to be a hard one until Pericles turned the tides, summoning his Radiance of the Dawn. Sephiro put a couple to Sleep, and the rest soon began to retreat. We captured the leader and tied him up, tossing him quickly in the wagon and rushing back to the temple.

We thought Pontreus might have to cast Zone of Truth on him, but before he had a chance, it became apparent that Sephiro's rope that we had tied the leader up with was forcing him to tell the truth. He told us that the group of miscreants were known as The Shorestalkers, and that he, Otis, was the killer. The leader of The Shorestalkers is the bartender at sandbar, Lula.

Once we had finished interrogating him and took a short rest, we brought him to the mayor, who was amazed at what we had discovered and gave each of us the 1,000 silver coins promised. Then he handed me 2 vials of sacred water.
When we returned to the Temple of Thassa, Pontreus, fearing reprisals, asked us to stay in town for a few days. I was eager to return home, but readily obliged his request.

We went to Lula’s house to investigate, where we found the place vacated. Searching the area, we found an area of disturbed dirt under Lula’s bedroll. Digging it up, we found a lockbox containing two pouches of saffron, two gold ingots, two crystals of lapis lazuli, and 3,000 silver coins.

Three days later, we were contemplating our trip home, when we were alerted to large fires burning throughout the town. Rushing to the temple, Pontreus urged us to protect the mayor. We quickly secured the mayor, but were ambushed on the way to the temple. A priest among the The Shorestalkers summoned a great beast of water, and we were forced to flee, abandoning the wagon and all its contents.

It was a tragic defeat, and we were grateful to reunite on the way back to Neolantika.

Your son in search of glory,

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