Tymlor B'kir

Fey touched Drow Artificer

Tymlor's earliest memories are of a house on a mountainside. A fey spirit lived under a tree behind the house and inspired Tymlor when he was depressed. It was a very lonely childhood.

As a child, Tymlor often slept alone in a barn, was withdrawn from other children, and was cared for by fey spirit guardians.

Harvest Moon Mayhem

3,377 Necrologion 17
Dear mom,

After we rescued the captives that had disappeared from Neolantika, a finely attired messenger arrived at the Sward & Board, and approached us as we were enjoying an evening at the tavern.

Discovery of the Missing

3,377 Chalcanapsion 7
Dear mom,

We set out again to find the abomination lair mentioned in our scroll, but we didn't make it far before our plans changed.

Abomination Hunt Soured by Syndicate of Krimnos

Syndicate of Krimnos
3,377 Megasphagion 10
Dear mom,

We set out to find the lair of the abomination mentioned in the scroll we found in the hell spawn harpy lair.