PC: Yanliz Hayat

Human male ranger

He was a farm hand. Simple as that. He worked for an elf named Berrian Amastacia, who was a kind, 459 year old wheat farmer. The hands that worked at Berrian, or Berri for short, were treated well and paid enough to live a humble, but comfortable life. Yanliz was adopted by Berri, as many of the other farm hands were, when he was found wandering the nearby fields as a child. Yanliz’s job was one of great importance, keeping the other hands protected. Since the farm was inside a clearing of a much larger forest for reasons unknown to anyone but Berri, the periodic wolf pack would stray into the farmland in desperate search of food. Yanliz became proficient with his longbow over the years through the instruction of Berri himself, and with his bow he would fend off the invading wolves time after time. This relatively simple life would not last.