Session 0: From Neverwinter to Cragmaw Hideout

Sword Coast From Neverwinter to Cragmaw Hideout
In the city of Neverwinter, the old warrior Sildar Hallwinter introduced the characters to his dwarf friend, Gundren Rockseeker. On Sildar's referral, Gundren hired them to escort a wagon of supplies to the village of Phandalin. The characters were to be paid 10 gp each by the owner of Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin upon safe delivery of the wagon to the trading post.

PC: Atilius Hummus Valentinus

Human male sage and wizard.

My family is no stranger to wealth, power, and privilege. In the glory days of Neverwinter, my parents were the count and countess of Corlinn Hill, a large estate located in the hills northeast of the city; however, disaster struck when Mount Hotenow erupted twenty-nine years ago, which devastated Neverwinter and erased Corlinn Hill from the map. As one of the few survivors of the devastating eruption, I was on the road at age eight. As a child, I was fascinated with maps and had a very keen mind; as a result, I was able to find my way to Triboar, a nearby town, with a map and a compass.

PC: Lee

Human male former soldier turned ranger.

Lee is just a really tough guy who just wants the best for others without people being ridiculous.

Born Angaid Comhan in the Neverwinter Woods, Lee’s life began with his mom, Fionn Buids, and his father, Grand Ciaran Comhan. His parents were both druids of the Emerald Enclave, and Lee was born next in line to be one of the clan council members. The clan council was made of three men and three women who voted on all issues of the Emerald Enclave and the family name Comhan had an important force in the council. Most of his life only involved discussing the basis of debate and the rare books on politics to prepare him for his council role, never allowing him to venture out into the woods or hunt for the group.

PC: Turenim Sendri

Human male scholarly priest of the Morninglord Lathander.

Always committed, rational, and good, Turenim just finished studying at the very young age of 29 and on a mission to preserve the just cause of hope, faith, and charity.

As a young child, Turenim was raised into a position of privilege. He attended a highly exclusive university with small classes and famed professors. Here he debated philosophy with progressive elitists, learned classical religion and art history, and explored cutting edge metaphysical science. Turenim and his close knit group of idealists adopted entitled and unrealistic ideas about morality and philosophy.

PC: Moula Arbacent

Human female far traveled monk.

I grew up in a small lumbering village in the southern hills of T’u Lung, a country to the far east. Our entire village loved knowledge, and at least partially worshiped Oghma, god of knowledge, and my family was one of the stronger supporters of him. Although we loved knowledge, my family was so poor that we couldn’t afford me any schooling. They hadn’t gone to school either, so I didn’t learn much.

Since the oppressive, corrupt T’u Lung government didn’t allow anyone but the troops and guards to have weapons, we learned at an early age how to fight unarmed and with self carved branches. Anyone who spoke up and voiced their opinion was executed; either hung or beaten to a pulp, depending on the offense.

PC: Pippin Thomas

Human male urchin boy turned rogue.

My parents were murdered in a stabbing in my home city. I became an orphan and learned to pick locks and act stealthy by escaping orphanages or sneaking out of a foster home.

My parents were pretty wealthy before they were murdered and my father got most of his wealth from inheritance from his father. His father was a wizard and got his wealth as an adventure completing tasks for people. His wizardry caused him to age fast and he died while my father was relatively young. Before he died he gave my father his spell book, which my father gave to me. My father also gave me his father's necklace with a token on it.

Rescuing Leoson

We decided to split into three teams, all disguised to some degree, with the goal of freeing the monk, Leoson:

On To the Raider Camp

After our full night’s rest we met with the governor to plan our next move. While we were discussing we were approached by a monk Nesim, who told us about his brother Leoson, who was captured by the cultists. Leoson has been researching the cult and may have information that could help us.


Bianca, Elemra, Dirien, Lander, Henrad, Rikas, Norfin, and the pack mule plodded down the road to Waterdeep in hopes of finding adventure. It was a crisp but lovely day, and the sun was just breaking above the horizon. A few birds chirped merrily, and, if the group listened closely, they could faintly detect the sound of rushing water from a hidden stream. The worn dirt road under their feet separated the swamp to their right from the hills to left, which gradually led into the peaks that made up the Sword Mountains. The Mere of Dead Men, as the swamp was accurately named, ruined the otherwise surreal atmosphere and outstanding view. The road was uneventful, a pleasant surprise from the activity of the past two weeks.