On To the Raider Camp

After our full night’s rest we met with the governor to plan our next move. While we were discussing we were approached by a monk Nesim, who told us about his brother Leoson, who was captured by the cultists. Leoson has been researching the cult and may have information that could help us.

We pursued the cultists and came upon a small camp. We caught them by surprise and easily dispatched of the dozen or so cultists and kobolds. We questioned one of the cultists and found out about their camp, and found out about the ambush they had prepared. We also found out that they are trying to raise the dragon queen and have some dragon eggs, We freed the prisoner who seemed to be a simple mercenary with no strong allegiance.

About 4 hours farther we found the ambush site and circled around it and surprised them. After an exciting fight we managed to dispatch all of them before they could raise an alarm. We were able to take their cult uniforms.

An hour farther we found a large camp of hundreds of cultists and their alleys. We think we spotted Leoson on a crucifix, but we were unable to safely enter the camp. We tried sneaking down a short cliff side to infiltrate one of the towers, but we were spotted and had to retreat. Noticing what seemed to be a regular supply of shipments entering the camp, we went back to the ambush site and waylaid the next group to pass. We identified their password to enter the camp. Unfortunately no more shipments were made that night.

We have to find a way to enter the camp and rescue Leoson, and hopefully other prisoners.

•        Some or all of us can use disguises to impersonate the cultists from the ambush site and enter the camp using the hand signs we learned from the ambush site.
•        Some or all of us can try climbing down stealthily into the camp.
•        Some or all of us can use disguises and enter the camp claiming to want to join the cult.
•        We can split up and try multiple methods. For instance:
Some can enter disguised as cult imposters.
Others can wait behind, climbing down in case the imposters are captured.

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