Rescuing Leoson

We decided to split into three teams, all disguised to some degree, with the goal of freeing the monk, Leoson:

1.       Decus and Treyewen – to enter the camp first under the pretense of joining the cult.
2.       Darwiv and Henrad – to enter the camp if team #1 gets captured, under the pretense of being a priest of Tiamat and a cultist.
3.       Sinderon and Delsaran – to sneak into the camp of #2 gets captured, to rescue as many as possible.

As it turned out, team #1 was successful. They entered and avoided all but minor distractions and injury, hid until nightfall, and rescued Leoson from his bonds. The biggest obstacle was that at first, Leoson did not want to be rescues. Fortunately we had the remaining information that Leoson wanted to learn, which was the nature of what is in the cave.

Once we had Leoson we snuck over to the cliff wall, where teams #2 & #3 dropped down a rope and pulled team #1 and Leoson up. As we reached the top Leoson’s absence was discovered and an alarm was sounded. We all managed to escape and made our way back to Greenest. Once Leoson recovered he asked us to go back to the camp and watch the cave for any signs of significant movement.

When we returned to the camp we found it abandoned except for a few hunters. We made our way into the cave without incident where we found some Dragon Claws guarding the entrance. Sinderon changed into a dire wolf and we  slayed them all fairly easily. Once in the caves, Delsaran and Treyewen explored a small side passage to the right. There they found a sleeping, drunk guard, who they quickly gagged and bound. Then they surprised some more guards who were heading to the main entrance, probably alarmed by the sounds of their dying companions. We slew them as well. Turning the corner to another side passage we found ourselves face to face with Frulam Mondath and his guards. We rushed in to attack…

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