Icewind Dale: Session 1

It was the first week of Eleasis when we passed north of the Spine of the World, towards Icewind Dale, and into the frigid expanse of windswept tundra that seemed locked in a perpetual dark winter. Ferocious blizzards made the mountain pass exceedingly treacherous.

Dead PC: Clairisma Greysky

Human female sorcerer

The sage Antonidas always appreciated the chaotic storm within me that manifested in unexpected ways. He always I was born with these power, though he also said he found me as an infant, almost passing by the bundle of blanket lying in the snow. All I know is that he treated me well.

And so I spent my formative years in his care and under his tutelage, assisting him in his studies and slowly exploring my own powers, never venturing far from home in Luskan, the City of Sails.