Dead PC: Clairisma Greysky

Human female sorcerer

The sage Antonidas always appreciated the chaotic storm within me that manifested in unexpected ways. He always I was born with these power, though he also said he found me as an infant, almost passing by the bundle of blanket lying in the snow. All I know is that he treated me well.

And so I spent my formative years in his care and under his tutelage, assisting him in his studies and slowly exploring my own powers, never venturing far from home in Luskan, the City of Sails.

When the Dawngreeter, Blaze, mentioned making a trek from Luskan to Icewind Dale to investigate, and hopefully set right, the endless winter that's been happening, I was immediately interested. I’ve recently suspected that what I sought may be hidden in the far north, and the events up there sounded abundant with possibilities. Perhaps the two were even related... Certainly the Priest mentioned his intentions to me for his own selfish reasons. He must have heard of my abilities, and suspects I would be a useful companion in the frozen tundra. But he seems a decent enough sort. After all, he’s a follower of Lathander, and they always believe in second chances, don’t they? In any event, I plan on bringing Brutus along for protection. He’d do anything for me, and he’s worn out his welcome in these parts defending my honor.

Our plan was to leave mid-summer.

Soon after I broke my intentions to Antonidas, he summoned you to his study. This was highly unusual for he treated his study as a sacred sanctuary, reserved only for himself. Ever since I was a child, it was drilled into my head that the study was forbidden.

Upon entering, the study appeared to be unremarkable, crammed bookcases, a desk overflowing with paper, worn-out ratty easy chair with a stack of books taller than a halfling next to it. Cliche, hardly deserving of the veneration imparted to the space.

Antonidas waited for me by a workbench, reverently holding a piece of vellum obviously wrapped around an object.

"I'm proud of you Clairisma, you've grown into a woman to be reckoned with," Antonidas spoke solemnly, setting down the bundle, almost caressing it. He gently unwrapped what appeared to be an icy blue crystalline shard attached to a golden chain.

At my questioning look he continued, "This is yours. It was hidden in the folds of the blankets you were swaddled in when I found you. I don't know what it is. Magic revealed nothing, but I do know that it can function as an arcane focus. I suspect that discovering the significance of this shard is the key in understanding who you are."

As I picked up the shard, Antonidas looked at me wistfully, taking a deep breath and blustered, "Now go, leave an old man to his books and loneliness."

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