Aribantes' First Expedition to Moon Temple

Heliod is the radiant god of the sun
3,377 Lyokymion 2
Dear mom,

After the dream I told you about, I took a temporary leave from service in the The Reverent Army and returned to Neolantika in hopes of fulfilling my destiny.

Aribantes, Champion of Heliod

Aribantes of Heliod
Human male paladin

Being a soldier for The Reverent Army always seemed an honorable way to make a living while doing some good for society. As a child I always thought I was destined for more, but as the years past, those dreams seemed more and more those of a child's fantasy.

Then one night, I had a dream. I was lost from my battalion, and searching for them, I followed the bright light beyond a hill. Cresting the hill, the sun's radiance blinded my eyes and burned my soul, cleansing me of all my doubts and fears, leaving me with a clarity of purpose. In that moment, all was revealed.