PC: Vernim Vutte Knaught

Human male Light cleric of Lady Luck

Born an urchin in the streets of the City of Splendors, Vernim grew up from humble beginnings: he had no name, no identity, and no direction of life. It is unknown how he spent his first few years, but by eight years old he was fending for himself in the trade center of Waterdeep. The locals called him Waldo — a strange boy, never speaking, only hunting for his next meal. An aristocratic family took pity on him and adopted the boy as their own. They called him Vernim from there — to them, Vernim Areugla was a heroic cleric of the Ardeep Forest. Vernim Areugla never appeared to leave his cottage, but in the night he would act as a guardian — he would heal those that were attacked in the night and served as the forest's guardian — healing and protecting the people. The aristocratic family hoped that the urchin would follow Vernim Areugla's footsteps and would serve as a protector; a guardian.