Session 79: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Kendall Keep
The group returned to the keep loaded with treasure and two extra suits of half-plate armor. They took turns carrying Arpad as they escorted the five prisoners they had rescued from Tarlech’s cells.

Arpad Cooper

Human female necromancer

Arpad, daughter of Asham the Cooper and his wife Naramis, was born and raised in the keep along with her younger siblings: Anrod, Atli, Parwin, Durifern, Barthony, and Blasco, as well as Asham's brother, Hobbin the carpenter.

She was kidnapped several months ago by Mendel the Slaver in order to ensure her father’s continued cooperation in providing the barrels Mendel uses to smuggle victims in.

Icewind Dale 13-17: Assault On Caer-Dineval Keep

Caer-Dineval is built on the rocky shore of Lac Dinneshere, with Kelvin's Cairn looming behind it
It took us five more hours to reach Caer-Dineval. It was a small town of about one hundred residents, dominated by a castle on the hill.

Session 77: Shades of Grey

Caves of Chaos - Session 77
Once the group was gathered together in the secret corridor with the bodies of the wizard, the cat, and Chantel, they made sure the two humans were bound, gagged, and blindfolded.