Arpad Cooper

Human female necromancer

Arpad, daughter of Asham the Cooper and his wife Naramis, was born and raised in the keep along with her younger siblings: Anrod, Atli, Parwin, Durifern, Barthony, and Blasco, as well as Asham's brother, Hobbin the carpenter.

She was kidnapped several months ago by Mendel the Slaver in order to ensure her father’s continued cooperation in providing the barrels Mendel uses to smuggle victims in.

Realizing that she was a clever girl and already quite literate, the evil clerics passed her along to Tarlech as an assistant. In need of an apprentice, Tarlech had great hopes that, once corrupted, she would make a superb necromancer. Despite all she’d gone through, however, Arpad remaimed completely uncorrupted. While she had learned some interesting and unpleasant things in the last few months, she was disgusted by Tarlech's experiments and had no intention of following in his footsteps. Confident that her parents would find a way to rescue her, she played along and awaited her chance to escape and carry back a warning to her family and friends of just how great a danger the Hidden Temple and its allies posed to the Keep. That moment had come when the Outcasts arrived, though not at all how she had imagined.
Arpad in Tarlech's Library

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