Letter to Ma 2

916 Ikinampu 8

John told us we were assigned a mission to take out Karakana Knights. Of course we don’t know anything about them. John led us to the knight's hideout. As we were approaching, John slipped in some brush and sprained his leg, so we had to bring him back to the horses. The hideout was more like a cave. Inside the cave we found two rooms, each guarded by a glyph. Maric disabled the glyph, using his head, literally. Fortunately his impulsiveness did not get him or anyone else killed. In the first room we found a study with a lift, like the one in the jade temple, but not as fancy. We found the following interesting items:
A letter from High Knight Jason de Ga to Knight Bellerophon
A letter from Antallia to Bellerophon, maybe a love letter
A journal entry, presumably from Bellerophon

While we were investigating we were attacked by a guard drake. I managed to put it down without anyone getting harmed.

In the other room we found a riddle. It contained three books, three statues, and three murals. One of each were incomplete. It was Lia who figured out what we needed to do. Using the clues from the mural and the format of the other books, I filled in the incomplete book. Then we were able to complete the final mural and statue. Solving this riddle gained us entry into the Knight’s holy coffer. There we found piles of treasure, but we left it untouched. (I think some of the others were reluctant to leave it.)

We went down the lift and soon met with the knights and their leader, Belltrilion. They seem to be an honorable band, more so than any other we have met so far. We agreed that they would hide out and we would report that we had completed our mission. They gave us 100 GP and suggested we take some specific items from the holy coffer to prove our success.