Frizzt J'ffa

Drow male ranger

Frizzt J'ffa is a 166 years old drow from Menzoberranzan; a large drow city in the Northdark. He served as the First Prime of House Zapophis.

Chosen because it means "free spirit" in Undercommon, Frizzt was named by his father, Friz'ac. He was born in a Menzoberranzan district under the control of the drow noble Vronus, where his father served as Vronus' First Prime. After failing to win an unwinnable battle, Vronus killed Friz'ac in a prolonged and agonizing death. Vronus also exiled young Frizzt—along with Frizzt's mother—to the surface where he grew up.

Icewind Dale: Session 6

My nightmares of being hunted by powerful enemies and their agents everywhere I went were abruptly ended by Erling jumping on my bed and shouting, "Wake, up, wake up! Sephek's here! Wake up!"