Frizzt J'ffa

Drow male ranger

Frizzt J'ffa is a 166 years old drow from Menzoberranzan; a large drow city in the Northdark. He served as the First Prime of House Zapophis.

Chosen because it means "free spirit" in Undercommon, Frizzt was named by his father, Friz'ac. He was born in a Menzoberranzan district under the control of the drow noble Vronus, where his father served as Vronus' First Prime. After failing to win an unwinnable battle, Vronus killed Friz'ac in a prolonged and agonizing death. Vronus also exiled young Frizzt—along with Frizzt's mother—to the surface where he grew up.

Consumed by nothing but the thought of revenge and swearing to avenge his father, Frizzt returned to Menzoberranzan and joined the rival House Zapophis. Frizzt swore to become the First Prime of Zapophis, the mortal enemy of Vronus. Frizzt was eventually taken under the wing of Bra'tac who was First Prime of Zapophis at that time, and who first planted the seeds of powerful aberration's influence over the drow nobility in Frizzt's mind. Under the direction of Bra'tac, Frizzt learned the ways of a warrior and rose in the ranks to become Zapophis's new First Prime.

As a younger man, Frizzt learned that House Zapophis was in league with powerful aberrations. During his tenure as First Prime, Frizzt was forced to commit many atrocities in Zapophis' name, although he would always try to influence Zapophis' decision-making. He successfully defied Zapophis twice and spared two drow, Va'lar and Del'nor, whom he was ordered to kill, and lied to Zapophis that he had completed his mission.

After winning a battle with Vronus' forces, someone killed Frizzt's mother in her sleep. According to Bra'tac, someone slipped into the village in the middle of the night and slit her throat. Years later, Vronus claimed to be responsible, but Frizzt believed if he had been responsible, he was too cowardly to do it himself.

Frizzt later married Dre'zel of the Cord'ai House and had a son, Fri'zel.

Frizzt would eventually gain the strength and courage to finally abandon his service and devotion to the drow nobility forever, which he achieved by defecting from Zapophis and escaping to the surface.

Frizzt was still the First Prime of Zapophis, despite his desire to free the drow from the influence of powerful aberrations. Frizzt joined Zapophis in the search for a gift for his mate Zamuet, traveling to the surface and kidnapping surface dwellers from the Ten Towns.

Watching on with the ritual of courting Zapophis' mate, Frizzt had to hide his own personal disgust at seeing the surface dwellers die at Zapophis' hands and then Zamuet claiming their bodies.

After the capture of the surface dwellers, Frizzt made note of their character and realized they must be relatively peaceful folk, who were not bent on the destruction of the drow, as he had always been told. He pointed them out to Bra'tac and explained his reasoning, but his mentor was suspicious of the surface dwellers.

Once, when Frizzt and other drow had been ordered to kill the prisoners in a jail cell, the halfling surface dweller Erling convinced Frizzt that his task of freeing the drow could be possible and that killing the prisoners was wrong. Frizzt helped the prisoners escape, turning against his fellow drow. The guards swore at Frizzt and called him 'Shol'va' (drow for traitor).

Frizzt led the drow assault away and fled for many days evading his pursuers. He eventually headed to the surface himself and came out in an old mining cave in the Lonelywood.

As luck would have it the town speaker of Lonelywood, Oarus Masthew, encountered Frizzt in the mine where Frizzt learned that Erling and his companions had just cleared out a Kobold intrusion into the mine. It came as no surprise to Frizzt that his friend Erling was helping these townsfolk. Erling and Frizzt were reunited once again in Lonleywood where Erling was joyful that his friend had survived. He invited Frizzt to join them on a quest they had recently undertaken and despite concerns about his loyalties from Oarus and his companions, Erling happily vouched that Frizzt was genuine and their adventures together began.

Frizzt still hopes to one day return and liberate the drow from the influence of powerful aberrations and be reunited with his wife and son.

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