Icewind Dale: Session 6

My nightmares of being hunted by powerful enemies and their agents everywhere I went were abruptly ended by Erling jumping on my bed and shouting, "Wake, up, wake up! Sephek's here! Wake up!"

Sephek was peaking in through the trapdoor in the ceiling of our room at The Eastside. Erling, having dodged two of the assassin's ice knives, hit the intruder with a well aimed crossbow bolt, and hid in the hallway.

Sephek quickly slid down the ladder into our room, and stabbed the still sleeping Brutus with a sword made of ice that had instantly appeared in his hand.

Jumping out of bed, I blasted Sephek with a thunderwave, the boom exploding through the halls, and used my tempestuous magic to fly through the trap door to the floor above. "Leave him alone, you creep!" I shouted from above. "I'm the one you're after!"

From the hallway, Erling hit the assassin with a another crossbow bolt, shouting, "Pick on someone your own size!" before fleeing further into the hallway.

Sephek stabbed Brutus again with his ice sword, and ran into the hallway after Erling.

I climbed down the ladder and, seeing Sepek standing over Erling's bleeding body, I hit him with a firebolt. Using the purple crystal shard from the skull in the gem mine, I called out to Blaze and Bran telepathically, 'Bran, Blaze, we're under attack!'

"I told you you'd pay," Sephek taunted coolly as I scrambled frantically back up the ladder.

"You're the one that's going to pay, you freak!" I shouted, knocking him back with a thunderwave, and flying back to the top with level tempestuous magic.

Briefly surrounded by silvery mist, Sephek disappeared from where he had been knocked back, and suddenly appeared right in front of me?

Feeling inspired from Bran's stirring words from below, I used tempestuous magic to fly past Sephek and knocked him back again with my last thunderwave, and fled out of the door, screaming, "Help! Help!" as I ran.

As I ran toward Bran and Blaze's hut, Erling emerged and shot his crossbow at Sephek, who was now fleeing. Bran and Blaze were close behind and they all gave chase.

Seeing that Sephek was now by Blaze and Bran, I circled at a distance and shouted, "I thought I was going to pay, you prick! you haven't even touched me." and blasted him with a firebolt, and easily avoided the ice dagger he threw at me.

"You're a piece of shit," Bran mocked, "which is great fertilizer, and after we bury you, you'll make such beautiful flowers."

Unfazed by Bran's mockery, Sephek was bloodied by Blaze's spear

I missed Sephek with a firebolt, but Erling surrounded him, and cursed, "You killed Brutus, you son of a bitch!" and hit him with another crossbow bolt.

A silvery mist surrounded Sephek briefly, and he disappeared.

By the time I felt the hot breath behind me, it was too late, as Sephek's icy sword emerged from my chest. The last thing I heard was his hysterical laughter.

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