Dead PC: Aseneth

Human female necromancer

Aseneth only arrived at the Keep within the last few days, having recently completed her apprenticeship. She is clever and persuasive.

PC: Dubricus d’Ambreville

Human male wizard

A scion of a famous family of wizards, and son of Charles and Isabelle, Dubricus is extremely clever but also, regrettably, lacks common sense. That is, he often comes up with brilliant, but impractical, ideas. He’s fairly strong for a mage (wizards being traditionally puny) and not afraid to lay about with his staff in melee if the party is hard-pressed.

Dead PC: Opal

Human female cleric of Selûne

Opal worships the moon-goddess, Selûne, and is a calm bedrock, capable in combat and skilled in healing. Opal has lived at the Keep all her life, having been born here; she works as a cheesemaker, turning perishable milk into large cheeses that can be stored for long periods. Her “moon-cheeses" are pale, with a slight greenish tinge; most are sold to caravans but the tavern also keeps a good supply in stock.

PC: Brother Martin

Human male cleric of Lathander

A reasonable man in an unreasonable world, Brother Martin is unusually tolerant for a cleric; he worships Lathander, the morning lord, but believes that the many gods are all worthy of worship, although not necessarily of encouragement. Thus he respects evil deities, but actively opposes wrongdoing by their minions. He questions all he meets about their beliefs, seeking to add to his store of knowledge and understanding.

He arrived at the Keep several months ago and, finding the local chaplain to be intolerant, looked about for some useful work to do during his stay. He settled on being the baker, the local baker having recently died. While he's not exceptionally skilled, he can provide adequately for local needs; much of his time is spent baking trailbread (a type of hardtack) for the use of travelers, adventurers, and caravans.