Icewind Dale 34-38: Ravisin's Revenge

As we were headed west, skirting the edge of the forest to the north, we heard a familiar bellowing sound as an ice troll burst out of the woods and charged toward us.

War of the Burning Sky Session 12

The four fey, Seela rebels, charged forward, daggers drawn, the first two stabbing into the Seela woman, who stumbled into Eyvindr’s arms.

War of the Burning Sky Session 11

One of the ghasts raked its claws into Cyrus, who pulled himself free and avoided a bite from the other. Uttering an infernal curse, Cyrus’ sword burst into a green flame blade and sliced into the second ghast, the flame then jumping to the first.

War of the Burning Sky Session 8

Though magic protected our skin against burn, we could still feel the intense, withering heat carried in terrible blasts from the trees, and we smelled the acrid smoke as we entered and it enveloped us, arms of black and orange embracing us all.

Icewind Dale 24-26: Tracking the Duergar

Trovus, the dragonborn town speaker of Caer-Konig, partakes of a drink as he guards the Northern Light
When we arrived in Easthaven and sold off some of our treasure and my hunting trap, I paid Bran back the 100 gold coins that he had lent me.

Icewind Dale 21: Searching For Clues

As we rowed the two boats back to Easthaven, we were attacked by a flock of blood hawks. Mendel and Bran put many of them to sleep, but they might have killed Erling and me if we hadn’t been given potions of healing. Bran cast healing word many times. Mendel killed the remaining blood hawks with magic missiles.

Icewind Dale 18-20: The Missing Fishermen

After searching the duergar and Dinev's Rest, and telling Rourke about the Duergar, we decided to return to Easthaven, where Erling wanted to help find the missing fisherman.

Session 79: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Kendall Keep
The group returned to the keep loaded with treasure and two extra suits of half-plate armor. They took turns carrying Arpad as they escorted the five prisoners they had rescued from Tarlech’s cells.

Arpad Cooper

Human female necromancer

Arpad, daughter of Asham the Cooper and his wife Naramis, was born and raised in the keep along with her younger siblings: Anrod, Atli, Parwin, Durifern, Barthony, and Blasco, as well as Asham's brother, Hobbin the carpenter.

She was kidnapped several months ago by Mendel the Slaver in order to ensure her father’s continued cooperation in providing the barrels Mendel uses to smuggle victims in.

Icewind Dale 13-17: Assault On Caer-Dineval Keep

Caer-Dineval is built on the rocky shore of Lac Dinneshere, with Kelvin's Cairn looming behind it
It took us five more hours to reach Caer-Dineval. It was a small town of about one hundred residents, dominated by a castle on the hill.

Session 77: Shades of Grey

Caves of Chaos - Session 77
Once the group was gathered together in the secret corridor with the bodies of the wizard, the cat, and Chantel, they made sure the two humans were bound, gagged, and blindfolded.

Icewind Dale 12: Easthaven

Easthaven residents bask in the warmth of an evil wizard being burned at the stake
Walking into Easthaven was like stepping into Icewind Dale's past—the place was a living example of the boomtown way of life that gripped all of Ten Towns centuries ago.

War of the Burning Sky Session 7

“Warroc, you’ve fell in with the wrong crowd,” Eyvindir called out. “I was happy to never see you again, but now you will pay the price.”

Icehammer Dwarves: Session 12

Icehammer Dwarves battle the terror of the Dragon Barrow
A thirty-foot-high hill rose ahead of us, its top too flat to be a natural occurrence. Jutting from the grassy hilltop was a row of ten-foot-tall, bone-white rocks that arced toward the stormy sky like outstretched talons.

War of the Burning Sky Session 6

When we woke we agreed to try and open the case. I took it outside and tried with all my might, but it wouldn’t budge, and Cyrus was reluctant to try more extreme measures, so I relented.

War of the Burning Sky Session 5

While Eyvindir questioned the remaining elf, I searched the area, Cyrus guarded the lower level, Ulfgar guarded the stairs, and Xireas kept an eye out from across the room.