Icewind Dale 21: Searching For Clues

As we rowed the two boats back to Easthaven, we were attacked by a flock of blood hawks. Mendel and Bran put many of them to sleep, but they might have killed Erling and me if we hadn’t been given potions of healing. Bran cast healing word many times. Mendel killed the remaining blood hawks with magic missiles.

When we arrived in Easthaven, we returned the boats and sought out Captain Imdra Arlaggath, with Mendel and Oosi dragging the heavy cauldron along.

When we found Captain Arlaggath, we explained what we found and I gave her the sack of heads. She offered us a bag of tricks or a scroll of fireball. Without any discussion, Erling requested the bag of tricks and claimed it for himself.

We acquired rooms for the night. I shared a room with Bran, while Mendel and Oosi shared a room, and Erling insisted on getting his own room.

Oosi and Mendel dragged the cauldron to the waterfront, filled it with water, and Mendel cleaned it, swirling the evil mage’s robes around the sides with his staff. When they returned, Mendel went to his room to study the spells in Astrix's spellbook.

While we were at the Wet Trout, we heard a halfling announce, “Hello everybody. My name is Winaldo. I just wanted to let you know that tonight I’ll be conducting a séance at the White Lady Inn.”

Blaze, Oosi, and I took a walk around town and while we were wandering I pointed out two cultists like the ones from Caer-Dineval. We followed them to a large estate guarded by two gargoyles. Oosi knocked on the door and was greeted by Avarice.

While we were out, Bran and Mendel went to a séance at the White Lady Inn.

At the séance, Smoke from burning incense clouded the room. Multicolored lamps and silks were hung from the rafters, and the light from several candles illuminated a circle of uncomfortable-looking guests sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Rinaldo pushed back the sleeves of his robe, raised his hands, closed his eyes, and intoned, "Lady who watches from the lake, come to us in our darkest hour! Tell us what you've seen!" After a moment of silence, thick frost formed on the inside of the room's windows, turning them opaque, and the candles went out one by one before Rinaldo began answering questions from the audience:
Q: How do we use the cauldron we found?
A: feed the towns

Q: Is our friend Erling possessed?
A: not himself

Q: Is something on his person possessed?
A: cursed

Q: How do we lift the curse?
A: magic

Q: What item on our friend is cursed?
A: his mind

Q: How do we use the cauldron to feed the towns?
A: (no response)

Q: How do we end this long night? This everlasting winter?
A: (no response)

Q: Will the machine that Macreadus is working on end the winter?
A: (no response)

Q: Who is Nagor Ogolhawn?
A: Archfey

Q: Can we trust the hag?
A: Never

Q: Who stole my father’s lucky horseshoe?
A: invisible dwarves

Q: Where can we find the duergar?
A: Easthaven ferry

In the morning, we waited for Erling to emerge from his room and shared tales of the previous night.

After we had all eaten, we departed for Bryn Shander.

We arrived without incident and Mendel led us to the tower of Vellynne Harpell. Mendel warned us that she was a powerful wizard.
Knocking on the door, we were greeted by kobolds. Mendel offered his services to Madame Harpell, explaining that we had some powerful magic we wanted to show her. The kobolds ushered us in and instructed us to hand over all our weapons, which we did.

While I watched over the cauldron with Oosi, the others met with Vellynne. Among the kobolds were zombie kobolds acting as servants.

Vellynne Harpell asked us to try to find a family heirloom, a professor orb, named Professor Skant, which was stolen by Nass Lantomir, who was headed to Icewind Dale and never arrived. She said she would need time to examine the cauldron.

Vellynne told Mendel that she removed the curse on Erling.

We spent the night at The Northlook.

In the morning, I went to Blackiron Blades, where my companions had negotiated a discount. I borrowed 100 gold coins from Blaze and 100 gold coins from Bran and purchased a breastplate.

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