War of the Burning Sky Session 16

As I was settling down and reflecting on the day, my head still spinning at having found a handkerchief that may have belonged to my father, who we all presumed to have died in the War of the Silver Marches, I realized that Moradin had just granted me the ability to speak with dead.

War of the Burning Sky Session 14

As Kazyk hoisted its glaive to bring down on Crystin, Haddin ran into the village from the stream, screaming, “No!” The old man knocked Crystin out of the way and plunged a stone dagger into the bearded devil before being cleaved in two.

War of the Burning Sky Session 13

We returned to the Seela village and conferred with Papuvin and Tiljann, explaining what we learned from our visits with Timbre and Gwenvere.