War of the Burning Sky Session 14

As Kazyk hoisted its glaive to bring down on Crystin, Haddin ran into the village from the stream, screaming, “No!” The old man knocked Crystin out of the way and plunged a stone dagger into the bearded devil before being cleaved in two.

“Sorry, my daughter,” Haddin gurgled. “Forgive me.”

Crystin wailed as her father collapsed. Stepping over Haddin, Kazyk sliced into Crystin with its glaive, and she fled.

Almost at the shore, Eyvindr viciously mocked the stag, “My companion is hotter than you!” gesturing toward Angradin. Then he cast healing word on Ulfgar.

Ulfgar stabbed the flaming stag with his spear, and punched it, but did no harm. The stag whipped its horns and knocked Ulfgar aside on his back.

Wading closer to the shore, Angradin cast magic weapon on his hammer.

Xireas blasted the stag with three magic missiles and swam toward the shore.

The stag reared up on its hind hooves and was about to stomp on Cyrus, when he protected himself with shield.

As Papuvin punched the stag, Cyrus slashed his enchanted sword across its torso. Before closing in on the stag, Torrent cast shield of faith on Eyvindr, who advanced on the stag and plunged his wooden rapier into its chestm up to the hilt.

As the stag leaped up with a scream, an incorporeal figure emerged and floated up into the sky. The flames exploded briefly before quickly dying out.

The singing, previously gloomy and forlorn, turned lighter and uplifting.

A light pierced the smoke above as a mighty wind swept across the village. The forest fire roared briefly and the flames sputtered and died out. For a moment, the trees threatened to crack and fall, but as the fey song swelled, life returned to them, ever so faintly and none fell.

Eyvindr and Kazyk closed in on each other, the elf deftly avoiding the devil’s glaive and snaking beard, and crying out, “Leave this place you foul beast!”

Ulfgar leaped up and to the Kazyk, his punches having little effect.

As Angradin reached the shore, Xireas hit Kazyk with toll the dead as she continued to swim.

“Papuvin, get your people out of here!” Cyrus urged.

“Everyone, fall back!” Papuvion cried out and began to lead the Seela away from the fray.

Crystin hit Kazyk with a ray of frost.

Stepping around the stag, Cyrus engaged Kazyk, slashing the devil with his sword, which was no longer enchanted. From the stream, Tiljann sunk an arrow into Kazyk from her shortbow. Circling around, Torrent hit Kazyk with her magic mace.

Kazyk disappeared in a puff of mist and reappeared behind Cyrus.

Circling around and donning the inquisitor’s hand-claws, Ulfgar slashed Kazyk after stabbing the devil with his spear, all for less effect than expected.

Flanking Kazyk, Angradin hit the devil with his spiritual weapon.

Kazyk was then struck with blindness from Xireas as she reached the shore.

Cyrus slashed Kazyk again with his sword. Crystin hit it with a ray of frost. Torrent smashed it with her magic mace.

“I told you to leave this place, foul beast!” Eyvindr insisted as he drove his wooden rapier up into its neck.

Gradually the Seela began to return and gather around Eyvindr, who held the living blade aloft. They began to laugh and cheer.

“It is good to see smiles on all of your faces,” Eyvindr rejoiced. “We couldn't have done it without your uplifting songs. Now is a time to rejoice and rebuild and they've lived the life you always deserved.”

That night the Seela celebrated their guests of honor.

Vuhl was nowhere to be found.

During the celebrations, Eyvindr announced that he was committed to helping the elves from the Gate Pass ghetto return to the village and rebuild.

Searching the bodies before disposing of them, Torrent recovered Kazyk’s glaive. Four vials of a liquid were also recovered from his person, as well as an amulet on a necklace around his neck.

The fluid in the vials continually turned into a gas before turning into a fluid again. Ulfgar recognized them as a compound called shatterspell.

Angradin rested with the amulet, determining it was an amulet of mage hand.

Papuvin gave Ulfgar a set of brown dust covered rags that he explained were wraps of the earth.

In the morning it seemed that the weather had taken a turn for the worst. Tiljann was able to outfit us with winter clothing.
We left the scorched and rapidly cooling forest only to face a fierce winter. The only road south, clearly untouched for many years, was in disrepair. At first the travel was easy, but the full fury of winter posed great danger within the Two-Range Pass where the Hetkonn and Tundra Mountains met. Ice had broken great chunks of rock that now lay across the road. Twenty-feet wide fissures revealed craggy ledges that split and crumbled at the slightest pressure, and a constant icy wind raced northward like smoke through a chimney.

As we were traveling along a twenty-foot deep ravine, we came to a makeshift log bridge.

On the other side, where we were headed were two pitched tents.

Cyrus searched for any signs of traps on the bridge, and found none.

Angradin held a rope while Ulfgar crossed, followed by Cyrus.

Hearing a foeign language being spoken casually from within the tents, Cyrus warned, “Ulfgar, there’s someone in there.” Then he called out, “Hello. Anybody there?”

The voices in the tents became urgent sounding, followed by sounds of rustling.

Two heavily armored hobgoblins emerged from the nearest tent, drawing their weapons aggressively as another two emerged from the farther tent.

Once Torrent crossed the bridge, mace in hand.

Focusing his ki, Ulfgar set a corner of the tent on fire.

Angradin crossed the bridge, calling forth spirit guardians, tiny spectral hammers that flit around him.

Xireas cast chill touch at the nearest hobgoblin, but missed, as did Crystin with ray of frost.

The two nearest hobgoblins advanced into the spectral hammers and died. The two in the back withdrew slightly, as they doffed their shields.

Cyrus charged the remaining hobgoblins, casting green flame blade, but missing.

Ulfgar dashed to the hobgoblins and threw his spear toward them.

Angradin moved closer, trapping the nearest hobgoblin in his spirit guardians, killing it.

Xireas hit the farther hobgoblin with chill touch. Crystin tried to hit with a ray of frost, but was too far away.

The hobgoblin grabbed its sword and fled.

Cyrus and Ulfgar gave chase, surrounding the hobgoblin, who was soon dispatched by a bonk from the monk’s quarterstaff.

Searching the bodies, we found they each had a long sword, shield, chainmail armor, longbow, arrows, and a gold coin.

After stomping out the fire, we searched the tents, finding a small table and a couple chairs and dirty bedrolls.

Behind the tents we found a cave entrance.

After retrieving our gear, we inspected the ten-foot wide cave entrance, which forked after fifteen-feet north, and continued beyond Angradin’s vision.

Cyrus lit a torch and followed Ulfgar and Angradin into the cave, the monk leading the way. Xireas and Crystin followed, with Torrent guarding the rear.

Ulfgar pointed out a trip wire near the entrance and everyone was careful to avoid it.

The wire trailed off into the northeast, and we decided to head northwest.

After twenty feet the corridor opened into a small chamber. Two wolves growled and began to rise.

Ulfgar entered with open palms, followed by Angradin and Cyrus. Torrent hung back with Crystin and Xireas, the drow watching the right corridor. The two wolves were soon surrounded by Angradin’s spectral hammers.

Ulfgar gave one of the wolves a good swift kick. Cyrus hit one of the wolves with green flame blade, killing both wolves.

To the west was a narrow passage, and to the northeast were stone stairs leading up for ten feet.

Cyrus retrieved the glaive from Torrent.

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