War of the Burning Sky Session 13

We returned to the Seela village and conferred with Papuvin and Tiljann, explaining what we learned from our visits with Timbre and Gwenvere.

“It's been so long,” Papuvin muttered nervously, ringing his hands. “Is it possible?” Can it be true that we can be free of this accursed fire?”

“If my friend Eyvindr says it's true,” Angradin insisted, “Then it's true.”

“By the gods do it!” Papuvin beseeched us. “Please rid us of this curse and save us all. Will be forever in your debt.”

At Cyrus’ suggestion, we borrowed spears from the Seels in preparation to swim to the bottom of the lake.

Xireas was reluctant to venture into the water.

Unfortunately the Seela had no boats or rafts or any material with which to build them.

Cyrus asked if any of the Seela would be willing to help, but Papuvin said the had no warriors among them.

“How about you, milady?” Eyvindr asked Tiljann. “Would you like to take part in this adventure? You may be the only witness to tell the tale once we’re all done.”

“Well, I can certainly support you,” Tiljann offered, singing a song that inspired Eyvindr and Cyrus.

From the edge of the lake, we could see a steamy patch in the water, just over 100 feet out, and a red glow coming from underneath it.

We tied the end of 100 feet of rope to Eyvindr’s belt, looped it around Cyrus’ and Ulfgar’s, with the other end tied to Angradin.

Crystin hid behind the Seela shelter, while Torrent cast guidance on Eyvindr, who began swimmig into the lake followed by Cyrus and Ulfgar. Angradin followed behind, wading in as far as he could, until he was standing on a rock about twenty feet from the shore.

Torrent, Xireas, and Tiljann waited on the shore holding a separate fifty foot section of rope ties to Angradin.

Once Eyvindr reached the bubbling water above the orange glow, he dove down, followed by Cyrus and Ulfgar.

In the murky water below, Eyvindr could make out a giant, fiery stag, similar to one that attacked us in the forest, laying on its side. The side of its flaming form was impaled by a wooden greatsword.

Ulfgar quickly alerted his companions to two large creatures emerging from underwater caves and Eyvindr pointed back toward the shore.

Tugging on the rope, Ulfgar swam toward the nearest merrow and jabbed his staff into its face and caught it once with a flurry of blows.

Eyvindr swam back to the surface and continued toward the shore, casting hideous laughter as he past the nearest merrow.

The merrow immediately began laughing uncontrollably, floating haplessly in the water.

Unbuckling his belt, Cyrus followed Eyvindr.

“They want us to pull it back!” Angradin urged, and he and Torrent began reeling the rope back.

The farther merrow quickly dashed up to Ulfgar.

Ulfgar carefully withdrew and swam back toward the shore, shouting “There's monsters down here!” as soon as he broke the surface.

As the new merrow reached for Eyvindr, the bard distracted it with his cutting words, and he continued on with Cyrus soon passing him in the water.

One of the merrow tried to pull the rope back, briefly halting Eyvindr until the elf yanked the rope free.

Shaking off Eyvindr’s spell, the first merrow swam up, bit Ulfgar in the leg, and skewered the dwarf with its harpoon.

Ulfgar carefully withdrew and made it back to the shallow water by Angradin.

Eyvindr followed, casting healing word on Ulfgar.

With blackened fingers, Cyrus cast frostbite on the nearest merrow before reaching the shallow water.

Pulling the rope with them, Torrent and Angradin waded back toward the shore.

The water soon settled and it seemed that the creatures had withdrawn deeper into the lake.

Tiljann used a healing word on Ulfgar, who then quaffed a potion of healing given by Eyvindr.

Torrent cast guidanceon Angradin and we swam out until we were above the merrow cave.

While Eyvindr and Xireas floated at the surface, Angradin, Cyrus, Ulfgar, and Torrent swam to the cave, and saw the two merrow swimming at them from each side.

Cyrus was bit in the arm by the other merrow before stabbing it with his spear, as did Torrent with her spear. Xireas blasted it with three magic missiles.

The injured merrow swam up and stabbed to Ulfgar with its harpoon and raked him with its claws. Eyvindr cast shatter on it. Circling around it, Ulfgar struck it once with a flurry of blows. Angradin pricked it with his spear and cast spiritual weapon just as it raked Angradin with its claws.

Dodging the merrow, Cyrus circled around it and stabbed it with his spear. Torrent did the same and cast spiritual weapon.

Eyvindr cast healing word on Ulfgar, who then ran the injured merrow through with his spear.

Angradin killed the other merrow with his spiritual weapon.

After catching out breath, Cyrus checked the caves, but found nothing of interest.

Once we were back on the shore, Eyvindr sang a song for rest.

Once we were revitalized, Tiljann sang a song of inspiration for Eyvindr and Ulfgar and we returned to the water. Torrent cast guidance on Eyvindr.

With Eyvindr leading the way, we returned to the large stag pinned on its side by the wooden greatsword, its flesh flickering with fire that sent up small bursts of steam.

While Xireas waded by the surface, Ulfgar, Cyrus, Angradin, and Torrent surrounded Eyvindr as he reached for the sword.

The stag’s fiery eyes darted about as Eyvindr braced himself, struggling to pull out the sword, barely managing the feat with the help of Torrent’s divine inspiration.

As he tumbled backward with the sword, the stag rose to its feet, its mighty horns flaming in the boiling water.

Bonding with Eyvindr, the sword morphed into a wooden rapier, and he stabbed the stag with it as it swam away toward the shore.

Cyrus and Torrent hit the stag, but their weapons did not deter it.

Swimming after the flaming stag, Eyvindr cast shatter on it. Ulfgar swam quickly after the beast. Waded toward the shore, Angradin cast spiritual weapon and bothered the stag with toll the dead. Xireas hit it with three magic missiles.

The large flaming stag reached the shore and charged its rack into a stone structure, smashing it apart and killing the Seela within.

Torrent waved Cyrus over and cast magic weapon on his longsword. Then she offered Angradin her magic mace, but he declined, indicating that she should use it.

Swimming toward the shore, Cyrus yelled, “Anyariel’s spirit is here with us, Indomitability! Come get it!”

Swimming to the surface, Eyvindr raised the wooden rapier in the air and shouted, “Meet your doom, Indomitability!” and continued swimming quickly toward the shore.

Ulfgar continued swimming quickly toward the shore, and Angradin followed, heading toward the stream entrance to the lake.

Xireas hit the stag with three more magic missiles as it continued its deadly rampage through the village and closed in on Papuvin.

The old Seela responded with punches and kicks while Crystin hit it with three magic missiles of her own.

Tiljann cast hideous laughter on the stag, but it shook off the urge.

Cyrus and Eyvindr swam quickly toward the shore with Torrent and Angradin trailing behind. Meanwhile Ulfgar practically flew through the water, jumped onto the shore, over the burning bushes, and closed in on the stag. Xireas began swimming back and blasted the stag with three more magic missiles.

The stag turned and gored Ulfgar with its horns, knocking the dwarf to the ground as it reared up on its hind legs, and smashed its flaming hooves into the monk.

Papuvin cast healing word on Ulfgar as he punched the stag in the rear. Crystin hit it with three more magic missiles. Reaching the shore, Cyrus ran through the burning bushes and closed and plunged his enchanted sword into the stag.

Casting healing word on Ulfgar, Tiljann sang “Keep singing my brethren! Keep singing the song!” inspiring Cyrus.

As Torrent reached the edge of the shore, the bearded devil Kazyk appeared, poised to strike.

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