Icewind Dale 12: Easthaven

Easthaven residents bask in the warmth of an evil wizard being burned at the stake
Walking into Easthaven was like stepping into Icewind Dale's past—the place was a living example of the boomtown way of life that gripped all of Ten Towns centuries ago.

In the generations since, as other towns had settled into a predictable pattern of existence, Easthaven continued to grow and reinvent itself. After the Eastway was paved, Easthaven evolved into a frontier traders' paradise.

Easthaven shield
Throughout the town were signs reading: "Watch thy pouch! Welcome to Easthaven."

Asking around we heard there was a temple of Tempus in town. We noticed groups of children eyeing us as we made our way through town and we were careful to keep our distance.

The priest at the temple confirmed that there was no one in the Ten Towns who could raise the dead and reminded us to mind our pouches.

As we were leaving town, we saw that a crowd had gathered in front of the Town Hall to witness a public execution. We overheard someone explain, “That’s Dzaan, a human wizard who, despite efforts to disguise himself, was recognized and arrested for the crimes he has inflicted upon dale-folk.” He was bound to a stake and gagged. Members of the militia used torches to light the straw tucked around his feet. Fanned by the wind, the fire caught quickly. Dzaan did not struggle or scream as he was quickly engulfed in flames. Bundled-up spectators moved closer to the human bonfire, eager to feel its warmth.

Bran discovered from Captain Imdra Arlaggath, a half-elf woman, of Easthaven's militia, that Dzaan had murdered some adventurers, and that his public execution wasn't an act of vengeance but was meant to deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

Captain Arlaggath asked where we were from and why we were here. She then offered us a job, explaining that, “Four fishers went missing on Lac Dinneshere a tenday ago. The coastline is hard to sail along because of the ice floes, but savvy anglers prefer it—there are fewer competing fishers from the other lake towns there. We need someone to scout the coastline and search for them."

She said that if we found the fisherman she would give us our pick between a scroll of fireball or a bag of tricks.

We explained that we had business elsewhere and continued on our way toward Caer-Dineval.

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