Aribantes' First Expedition to Moon Temple

Heliod is the radiant god of the sun
3,377 Lyokymion 2
Dear mom,

After the dream I told you about, I took a temporary leave from service in the The Reverent Army and returned to Neolantika in hopes of fulfilling my destiny.

I soon met with a decent band of explorers headed to the ruins of a Moon Temple where dark beasts have taken up residence.

After circumventing some crocodiles in the swamp, we arrived at the sinking Moon Temple and entered the dark ruins. Sunlight shone through a crack in the roof, and I knew that Heliod looked fondly on this quest.

Descending into the Moontemple’s depths, we were quickly assaulted by shadows, but together we chased them away.

Descending further, we passed through a room that pinned the weight of my armour to the floor. Fortunately there are other strong men in our band that could drag me to safety.

The halls of the Moontemple were decorated with scriptures, detailing many stories and enlightened truths:
“Comparison is the seeds of strife”
“Do only that to which you can be proud when revealed by the light.”
“The sins of the son are not the sins of the father or vice versa”
“Forget not those who serve you, and the gods will not forget you.”

Exploring further, some form of undead leaped out of its sarcophagus and attacked us, its rotting fists leaving me feeling withered. Once its undead soul was put to rest, I returned the body to its sarcophagus.

Exploring further, creatures of earth and stone assaulted us, but soon retreated. Taking advantage of the moment, we collected our findings and left the temple, returning to Neolantika.

I’m currently resting and recovering in the care of the local temple of Heliod. While there, I asked the local priest, a rotund and jovial fellow, under the temple's care, about any threats in the surrounding lands. He told me he had heard there are undead deep in the Eldenwood, the destruction of which Heliod would be most pleased. And also a rich merchant not far Southeast of Neolantika who says his home has been haunted. What disturbs him the most are rumours of a hellhound in the woods to the north of Neolantika, near a monastery. He imagines the monks there would be most pleased to be rid of such a dangerous creature nearby.

I will see which way Heliod’s rays take me on my path to glory.

Your son in search of glory,

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