Armagecia Octavia Calamites

Human Paladin of Devotion to the Morning Lord

Armagecia was born in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep to Sergio and Blanca. Her father was born in Waterdeep to a Amnian family and eventually joined the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors where he trained to become a wizard. Her mother was born in Amn, where she lived until she met Sergio and moved north and became a house cleaner and servant to noble families. She has a younger brother named Gabriel, who eventually became a bard. Armagecia lived with her family in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep until she was five, when the family moved to a house in the North Ward.

As a child, Armagecia received an education from various guilds until her father died mysteriously and she became involved in a lengthy battle to retain his estate for their family. During this experience she learned first-hand how the wealthy and attorneys enrich themselves at the expense of the families struggling to make a living. Forced to vacate their home, the three of them moved back to the Southern Ward, where Armagecia took a job as a bartender and waitress at The Full Cup.

During her legal battle, she was assisted by the cleric, Father Sandburner the Morninglord, who helped her family regain her family home and later took her into his tutelage. It was under his guidance that she was exposed to the Devotions of Lathander. She soon developed a reputation as a defender of the weak and oppressed and an enemy of oppressors and the unjust.

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