Frulam and Langedrossa

We managed to dispose of Frulam and her guards without taking much damage, and only using a few spells.

As we searched through Frulam's quarters we discovered a trap door under the heavily rugged floor. Delsaran climbed down the rope ladder to scout out the area. He quickly returned to let us know that Langdrossa and his bodyguards were down there.

Determined to fulfill our quest to destroy the eggs, we headed down stealthily and surprised them. The bodyguards were tougher than we expected. We managed to defeat them all, including Lagedrossa, but with heavily losses. By the end, only Darwiv was left standing and he could only detect life in Delsaran.

While Darwiv was considering how to save us, he heard the sound of kobolds coming to examine the sounds of the battle. Darwiv barely managed to flee the caves, with the kobolds on his trail. He made it to the safety of the nearby woods, where Decus' warhorse was waiting.

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