Trouble in Greenest

There are six of us:

Darwiv, the wood elf priest of Corellon Larethian, and his wood elf companions:
-          Sinderon the druid
-          Delsaran the rogue
-          Treyewen the ranger
Decus the paladin of Xymor
Henrad the wizard

In our first game, while accompanying a caravan we came upon the town of Greenest as it was being raided and razed. Houses were ablaze and there was a blue dragon flying overhead. Kobold were seen sacking the town. We all rushed in to rescue the villagers. We brought as many commoners as we could to the safety of the keep. Then we tried to rescue more commoners that were trapped within the temple of Chauntea. We managed to fight our way into the temple, only to find ourselves trapped within.

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