Battles in Greenest

We made it, barely.

As you recall, in our effort to rescue the last of the commoners, we found ourselves trapped in the temple of Chauntea, with kobolds battering down the front gate, backed by cultists and ambush drakes. Meanwhile four kobolds were trying to break down the back door. All seemed desperate. Decus said a prayer to Xymor (“Xymor, as your humble servant I worship and spread your tenants through my deeds, as is your desire. I look to you for inspiration in this time of need, as I see no other path but to do all we can to rescue these innocents from this tyranny sent by your chromatic enemies.”) and we decided that we would not be able to pick off our enemies at the front gate before they could break down the door or get reinforcements. So we armed the commoners with whatever weaponry we could spare and opened the backdoor to face the four kobolds. As we started our attack Decus’ shield and the priest’s holy symbol began to glow and powerful voice emanated from the priest commanding all to move behind him. We dispatched them before they could apply their pack tactics and threaten the commoners, and made a dash for the rear wall, helping all the commoners over the wall. Meanwhile the priest let loose spiritual guardians of nature to fend off the intruders at the front gate.

We made it over the wall with all the commoners and led them back to the keep through the secret tunnel. Once everyone was safe we rested. Even though our rest was interrupted before two hours had past we all found ourselves invigorated and matured in our talents.

We were compelled by the governor to investigate the mill, which had been set ablaze. Without the mill they would be ill equipped to feed any survivors. As we left the secret tunnel we were ambushed by at least six kobolds, while two cultists hid in the bushes across the stream. Sinderon transformed into a dire wolf and we dispatched  them all, taking one of the cultists prisoner. After interrogating him we found that they worked for the cult of the dragon, were led by a half dragon, and that they were waiting for “the eggs to hatch.”

We made our way to the mill without incident and it turned out to be a trap. Nevertheless, with Sinderon still in dire wolf form we dispatched seven cultists and a guard. We took what flour we could back to the keep. Once there Sinderon returned to his true form.

Again we sought a rest, and again it was interrupted in less than two hours. The kobolds’ leader, a half dragon announced that four prisoners, a mother and her three children, would be slain unless we sent out our best champion to fight him. Sinderon demanded that he could defeat the half dragon using his ability to transform into an animal. Seeing how much damage he had done previously, we agreed to let him take up the challenge. As soon as he left the keep the half dragon let the three children go. Unfortunately Sinderon proved no match for the half dragon. After a few slashes with his great sword Sinderon was transformed back to his true form. Sinderon used his Thunderwave, which only angered the half dragon, who then used his lightening breath against Sinderon, collapsing him. Fortunately the half dragon showed mercy and departed without Sinderon or the wife.

As the sun rose on the horizon the half dragon and his kobold army departed, leaving us to contemplate our next move…

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