PC: Pippin Thomas

Human male urchin boy turned rogue.

My parents were murdered in a stabbing in my home city. I became an orphan and learned to pick locks and act stealthy by escaping orphanages or sneaking out of a foster home.

My parents were pretty wealthy before they were murdered and my father got most of his wealth from inheritance from his father. His father was a wizard and got his wealth as an adventure completing tasks for people. His wizardry caused him to age fast and he died while my father was relatively young. Before he died he gave my father his spell book, which my father gave to me. My father also gave me his father's necklace with a token on it.

Drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the nearby foothills, I came to Phandalin, not to earn a living, but to prey on those who struck it rich. I tried to join a gang calling itself the Redbrands and made some decent coin as a burglar. But I must have made an enemy among my fellow Redbrands.

Someone set me up. On that person’s word, the head of the Redbrands—a wizard called Glasstaff—tried to have me killed. I escaped, barely alive and thanking Lady Luck, the goddess of good fortune, for my luck. I fled Phandalin, penniless and with only the tools of my trade to my name.

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