PC: Turenim Sendri

Human male scholarly priest of the Morninglord Lathander.

Always committed, rational, and good, Turenim just finished studying at the very young age of 29 and on a mission to preserve the just cause of hope, faith, and charity.

As a young child, Turenim was raised into a position of privilege. He attended a highly exclusive university with small classes and famed professors. Here he debated philosophy with progressive elitists, learned classical religion and art history, and explored cutting edge metaphysical science. Turenim and his close knit group of idealists adopted entitled and unrealistic ideas about morality and philosophy.

Turenim's parents were always nurturing and kind. They went out of their way to make his life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. They always found time to hang out with Turenim despite working long hours. When he was much younger, his family had not always been wealthy, and they spent more time working in order to pay for his schooling. Turenim was very grateful to his parents for their labor, but he did not talk about this with his parents very much. Turenim figured that they probably did not want to discuss their work, so he tried his best to distract them from the issue when they were with him.

When Turenim was 24, he graduated from his highest level of schooling. Turenim went to the town square to meet his parents for their planned night of celebration, but they were running late. Turenim walked around the town square for a while before coming to the courthouse where a crowd was gathered. As he walked up the steps, the crowd quickly parted for him, revealing Turenim's parents locked in the jail.

Two years later, Turenim still remembers the haze of events that followed. His parents were unambiguously convicted as part of a large scale bust of the local thieves’ guild, of which they were the ring leaders. They plead guilty of all charges, and admitted to running the local faction of thieves. In their final  moments before execution, Turenim visited his parents. They explained to him that they were only trying to help him, that they never hurt or killed anyone, and that the thieves’ guild under their direction was actually a force for good to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Turenim was treated as an outcast from his town and ran away wandering the land as a healer, and evangelist of good.

Turenim feels morally torn about his parents, as they raise many moral questions. Is hoarding wealth a punishable offense? Is assault always wrong? Is capital punishment justified? Is accepting gifts from criminals wrong? Does everyone deserve a second chance? Turenim is still trying to find his way, but this experience has given him a sense of purpose. Turenim feels he owes the world a debt and dedicates himself to making the world a better place.

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