Tymlor B'kir

Fey touched Drow Artificer

Tymlor's earliest memories are of a house on a mountainside. A fey spirit lived under a tree behind the house and inspired Tymlor when he was depressed. It was a very lonely childhood.

As a child, Tymlor often slept alone in a barn, was withdrawn from other children, and was cared for by fey spirit guardians.

While many children were pressured into joining the army, Tymlor's interests drew him to enroll in the Academy instead, a place of study.

At the Academy, young children were forced into an initiation where they were taken from their families and made to look into a gap in the fabric of reality, to view the vortex of time and space. This ordeal of this initiation had varying effects on participants. Some would be inspired, some would run away and some would go mad. Tymlor ran away.

Tymlor was eventually taken in by the sage, Azm'el, where he met Drax, with whom he attended a Tech course.

Tymlor later rejoined the Academy and managed to scrape by with barely passing grades. While there, he attended university alongside R'ni Ushas, a wizard specializing in thermodynamics. R'ni and Tymlor became good friends and spent much of their time together. In their childhood together, they would run all day across R'ni's father's field, pastures of red grass stretching far across the mountainous slopes, and they would call up at the sky. They both made a special pact together that they would visit every star in the universe.

One day at the Academy, Tymlor found himself lost for four days inside the Cloisters, an area located deep beneath the citadel. He was contacted by a Wraith who told him about the prophecy of a legendary creature, prophesied to have been crossbred from two warrior races that would stand in the ruins of the land, unravel the Web of Time, and burn a billion hearts to heal its own. The Wraiths then revealed to him the secret passage leading to another side of the city. This event had a massive impact on Tymlor, and he decided to leave the Academy out of fear of what may come.

Tymlor left to investigate the mystery of why good prevails in a universe where evil would seem to have so many advantages. Through his travels and studies, he concluded that it was the actions of good creatures that made the difference in the balance between good and evil, stating "The universe generally fails to be a fairy tale, but that's where we come in."

When Tymlor returned to the Academy many years later, he was inducted into an organization called the Deca, ten brilliant Academy students campaigning for increased intervention, alongside Mortimus (the Meddling Monk), R'ni Ushas, the master wizard Koschei, Magnus the War Chief, Drax, a spy named Vansell, Millennia, Rallon and Jelpax. With this group, he learned about the manipulation of time.

During their adventures, Rallon and Millennia, were killed. This incident led to Tymlor's expulsion from the Academy for five hundred years.

Follow the Timeline of Tymlor's adventures.

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