Capture Cordelia's Monstrous Mom

3,377 Therimakarion 5
Dear mom,

Junia, the twin sister of Elmina, who died after the Festival of the Harvest Moon, consented to us attending her sister's funeral.

When we arrived at the temple of Erebos, it was empty except for the priest who greeted us, Thersites. He seemed surprised to see followers of Heliod attending the service, and we explained why we were there.

Junia still hadn't arrived when Adelia showed up, so Rahjin and I ran back to The Captain's Pearl to look for her.

When we got there, the innkeeper told us that she had left the previous night. In exchange for advanced payment for a room at The Captain's Pearl, he allowed us to go up into the rooms. We searched her room, where we found her cat, more spell components, and a note that read: "If you ever want your sister's soul released, you will find me in the Eldenwood at the old tomb."

Grabbing the note and coaxing the cat into a sack, we ran back to the temple of Erebos.

When we returned to the temple, Pericles and Belisarius were enthralling Thersites with tales of the emissary of Erebos that we had met. Adelia was there, we found that the cat had disappeared from the sack, and we showed everyone the note.

Thirsetes seemed very interested when he overheard the mention of stolen souls, and showed grave concern. We invited him out into the woods with us, but he said he was too old, but he mentioned that he could provide more information, but it would cost us 100 gold coins. I refused to partake in such extortion, but my companions were less principled on the matter. Then he said he wouldn't have any more information for us until the next day.

Adelia mentioned that when they practiced magic together, she would meet with Junia and Elmina at an altar in the woods, and she promised to take us there in the morning.

I was eager to get to the Eldenwood, but everyone wanted to wait for whatever information Thersites could provide. While we were waiting, Kalomira found us and shared a note from her mentor with us. The note read: "My apprentice has told me that you are hunting a strange sort of creature that has committed murder in the town, come at once to my hut."

Kalomira brought us to her mentor, Anaxomander, in a small, spartan hut by the beach. He said his apprentice has told him that we are hunting a strange sort of creature.

We described the fiend we sought and I showed her the scarf I had taken from it. After consideration, he said it sounded like a fate weaver, a creature born of the underworld to collect the souls of those that escape fate. He explained that a thread puller, as it is known, had a hand in the overthrow of the Archon Argamachus, and is not easily harmed by mortal weapons, elements, or the supernatural. He also advised us that Thirsetes is knowledgeable and may know the location of the tomb.

Rahjin went back to The Captain's Pearl and when he returned, the cat  was following him.

We returned to our dwellings for the night to await Thersites' information.

The next morning we returned to Thersites at the temple of Erebos.

We learned that Moira had made a pact with Klothys, the god of fate. Apparently, she was lady consort of the Archon, but was cast aside by the Archon in her old age. Feeling spurned, she sought revenge and used her power to frighten people to death and steal their souls. Thersites said he would pay 500 gold coins for one of her relics, black stone containers for souls, but he was unwilling to explain what he wanted them for.

We followed Adelia and the cat to the Eldenwood, until the forest began to grow dark around us and Adelia said she would lead us no longer and turned back. The cat led us the rest of the way to an altar. On its top, Junia was suspended in the air and surrounded by a purple light. As we approached, many shadows sprung from the ground. The fight had only begun, when Pericles summoned the Radiance of the Dawn, and dispelled them all!

As soon as we checked out Junia, who was unconscious, a larger demon then emerged, darting in and out of the shadows, fearing to confront us head on. Soon after hitting it with a Guiding Bolt, I was brought down by the creature, only to be revived by my companions. Frustrated by its cowardly tactics I Compelled it to face me. Rahjin put it down before I could get to it.

We revived Junia, who explained that she had tried to summon their patron, Ashok, the weaver of nightmares, to fight Moira and rescue her sister, but they were too powerful for her to control. She was still eager to find Moira, and we agreed to accompany her to the tomb the next day.

Within a skull on the altar, we found the glass eye, which I recovered.

We headed back to Neolantika to rest.

In the morning, we met with Junia and made our way to the old tomb, where we had fought the harpies. There we found Moira, weaving. She was expecting us and knew our names. She told us that Ashok was the one who was taking the children. She offered us our heart's desire, but I maintained that my only desire is the glory of Heliod!

Your son in search of glory,

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