Abomination Hunt Soured by Syndicate of Krimnos

Syndicate of Krimnos
3,377 Megasphagion 10
Dear mom,

We set out to find the lair of the abomination mentioned in the scroll we found in the hell spawn harpy lair.

We travelled north until we met a man looking out over the sea. Speaking to him, we learned that his name was Ptalmus, and he was grieving for having allowed a child to die on his watch. Apparently he worked for the watch in Neolantika and the mayor had reprimanded him for the oversight. He was going to drown himself, but Pericles and I convinced him that, like the dawn sun, each day brings hope, and he should join us.

The next day, as we were travelling through the hills, we encountered a man running toward, and chasing him were two columns of spinning sand. Nox shot arrows into the nearest until it exploded, knocking out the running man. Then he did the same to the one in the rear. Pericles healed the man, named Koyos, who explained that he was a member of The Irreverent Band, a mercenary company, and had gotten separated from his battalion. He agreed to join us.

Later that day passed Atreides Tower, which belonged to Nox's family. Against our warnings, Sephiro let his curiosity get the better of him, and approached the tower too closely. A large stone creature growled at him and chased him away.

That night, we were attacked in the night by wolves. Unfortunately one of them killed Koyos before we could kill or chase them off. Nox was able to shoot down the few that tried to run.

The third day, we arrived at the town of Krimnos. A Setessen grape farmer named Pkious just outside the town warned us to stay clear of the mayor and be careful not to get into any trouble in town. He also warned us of hostile Pheres centaurs to the northeast.

Entering the town proper, we agreed to find a place to eat and sleep and move out in the morning. But that evening, Sephiro worked himself into some games of chance with the local toughs. They weren't happy with him winning, and I thought we were going to have to brawl our way out that very night.

As it turned out, we had to brawl our way out of town the following morning. As we were departing, two groups of five men, all well armed, escorted us from a safe distance on either side, and five more began to follow us. Then our way was blocked by five more, and their leader, who demanded Sephiro returned his winnings, in double.

I challenged the leader to a fair fight between the two of us, but he refused and we had to fight our way out. We were surrounded and outnumbered four to one. We rushed the group at the front, and I smote their captain down. Ptalmus was killed, and in the end, as we were about to escape, Pericles was surrounded by seven of them. I had no choice but to run back in for him. Rahjin had my back, and soon, the few of the Syndicate of Krimnos who remained standing turned tail and ran.

Your son in search of glory,

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