Session 6: Departures and Heading North

Phandalin from above
Having just defeated Glasstaff and his minions in the Redbrand Hideout the group quickly descended into an argument about what to do next.

Lee, Pippin, and Ivor were eager to return back to the inn and get some sleep. Meanwhile Turenim, Atilius, and Moula wanted to tie up some loose ends before leaving.

With Snowg and Franz in tow, the group quickly returned to the common room and the guard's barracks to search the bodies. Snowg mentioned that Mosk, the bugbear leader, carried some treasure. Pippin went down into the crevasse and retrieved his belongs, giving them to Moula.

Then they went back to the crypts. Ivor searched through the bones and scraps in the sarcophagi and eventually found a platinum signet ring, which he gave to Moula.

After that Lee insisted on leaving and headed towards the exit, with everyone else following.

When Lee got closer to the tunnel entrance he saw a faint light glimmering in the cave entrance to the hideout. Lee quickly called over the rest of the party and pointed towards the light.

Soon a group of Redbrands appeared out of the tunnel. Pippin recognized the one leading the group and tried to jump at him, but Lee tried to stop him. Introducing himself as Rowland, it became apparent that this Redbrand knew Pippin, referring to him as Pipsqueak. This was the Redbrand that Pippin had mistaken Glasstaff for. Rowland said that he did push Pippin back in the day, but his intention was for Pippin to leave the Redbrands, which he thought too dangerous for such a young child. Rowland was shocked to discover that Glasstaff was dead, and even more that it was Pippin who disemboweled Glasstaff!

With Franz acknowledging that the group had defeated the Redbrands and that they had offered to bring him safely back to town, Rowland and his crew agreed to join them.

Once they left the tunnel, the group agreed that Snowg should wait for them in the woods until the morning.

Back in town the group brought the five Redbrands to the Town Master's Hall in the middle of the night. They told Sildar the news about Iarno being Glasstaff, and that Glasstaff was killed. Sildar was shocked, and visibly distraught by the news. Turning to Turenim, Sildar asked if Iarno could be spared, but Turenim explained that the wounds Pippin inflicted were too grievous, and he was beyond sparing. With a tear in his eye Sildar agreed to hold the Redbrands in the cells until the morning. With that the group then headed back into the Stonehill Inn where Toblen woke to open the doors for them.

They woke up on Alturiak 26 and headed for the crowded main room to eat, and quickly entered a heated debate in the middle of the inn about the ethics of what Ivor had done to Moula. Ivor insisted that he would do better next time, and provided half-hearted apologies. Only after things started looking really bad for him did his pleas get desperate, though at one point he briefly got hostile with Pippin. After much debate and questions by Elsa about their adventure, this all ended with everyone voting to part ways with Ivor, with Moula, ironically, abstaining from her vote. The group agreed to give him one half of his share of the treasure.

During the debate Sildar showed up. He explained that he thought the remaining Redbrands could be redeemed and possibly even made into the protective force they were originally intended to be. Sildar suggested the group continue on to Cragmaw Castle as soon as they could. But first, he asked, could they retrieve Iarno's body so he could be brought back to Neverwinter.

Turenim and Atilius returned to the Tresendar cellars. They found Iarno's remains in a pool of his own blood, which covered the expanse of the wizard's quarters. Turenim did his best to put Iarno back together, wrapping his torso in bandages until his midsection looked like a mummy. Then they carried Iarno back to Sildar.

With Ivor gone, the group met up with Snowg in the woods and headed north, towards Cragmaw Castle.

After a few hours, as the group was heading north on Phandalin Trail, Lee spotted an orc ambush before the junction to Triboar Trail. Lee called them out and two by two popped up eight orcs. Lee suggested they didn't want any trouble, but they threw their javelins at the group and charged forward.

Turenim tried, unsuccessfully to command the lead orc to stop. After the first few orcs engaged with Lee and Moula in the front, Atilius charged forward and caught five orcs in his burning hands. After that the entire group worked together to bring down the rest of them. Pippin searched the bodies, and gave Moula the silver coins he collected. Turenim bandaged everyone's wounds.

The group then headed further north, past the Triboar Trail, until they got to the border of Neverwinter Woods. Lee looked around for some tracks and found that around a dozen humanoids had passed through recently. The group followed the path around the edge of the woods for a little while, but then decided to head into the woods to set up camp.

Lee took the first watch. A little while later Moula woke up and discovered that Lee had fallen asleep. Moula took watch and switched with Atilius, who then switch with Turenim.

During Turenim's watch he was alerted by a flurry of arrows flying by him, most missing their mark. He yelled the alert and the group found themselves under attack by a pack of hobgoblins. Everyone except Pippin quickly shot up and began retaliating. Lee shot his longbow. Turenim again tried, unsuccessfully to command the lead hobgoblin to stop. Not wanting to risk a forest fire, Atilius used his magic missiles. Moula engaged the lead hobgoblin. Snowg even picked up a stray javelin and tried to stab at this one, but was unable to get through its tough chain mail. Pippin eventually pulled himself out of his slumber and joined the fray, sneaking around behind multiple hobgoblins and finished them, brutally. Snowg noticed that many of the fallen hobgoblins were still alive, and took to finishing them off.

As the last of the hobgoblins fell, Turenim told Snowg to spare the last of the hobgoblins. Meanwhile Pippin searched the bodies, and gave Moula the silver coins he collected.

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