PC: Prynhawn Haddway

Half-orc male paladin

Being born a bastard in a small orc tribe was bad enough for young Prynhawn Haddaway, but he was a Rooksden. The Rooksden tribe of orcs wasn’t normal, they didn’t pillage and kill and make half orcs as they pleased. They were nomads who ate from the land and had a strong, strict familial code, which a half orc was sacrilege. He was raised as a bastard, taught that he would just have to live with being a worse version of everyone else. This lasted around fifteen years, until the tribe was attacked. Another hunter party, made purely of humans came into the same territory as the Rooksden. When they found each other in the woods, a bloody battle ensued. Prynhawn ran away and hid in the woods, waiting until the end of the battle when the human hunters had slain his entire clan.

He approached them, pleading in orcish for them to help him. One of the humans took pity on him and brought him to a nearby village. In the village he found a church to Torm, the god of duty, loyalty, and righteousness. He found a friend in the church, a cleric named Bore Takahashi, who taught him to speak read and write common and gave him a gateway to his faith. In thanks to Bore, he took up the faith of his friend, and in his curious nature he became obsessed. About when he reached 23 Prynhawn began to wander the wastes, seeking adventure and knowledge with other varying adventuring parties, until...

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