PC: Lawrence Kerman

Human male draconic sorcerer

I was born into a fairly wealthy family, wealthy enough to have a symbol and signet ring. We owned a large estate outside of Bildoobaris, the capital city of Narfell in northeast Faerun. At a young age my parents raised me to continue their ancient bloodline of draconic sorcerers. For training they would capture unknowing beasts and monsters for me to practice on. I was young and did not want to harm these innocent creatures. When I refused to continue training they threw me out. At the young age of 17 I was alone, without guidance. So I traveled to Bildoobaris looking for work and adventure. I completed a few odd jobs and decided it was time to move to a bigger city. I had heard tales of the glory days of Neverwinter and the sword coast.

I knew that if I was going to make it in this world and truly make a difference I would have to go there. I hitched a ride with a caravan around the age of 19. I stayed with the group for some time helping them start their new settlement on the sword coast. After we arrived and I helped the people who got me here, I made my way to Neverwinter and changed my name to Lawrence Kerman. There I spent many years saving money and practicing my skills, only for good of course. I heard of adventure in Phandalin, a new settlement teeming with opportunity, they said. So I began my journey along the high road stopping in evermist. There I saw the damage from the attack.

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