Letter to Ma 5

916 Ikinampu 12

With our newfound wealth, Lia helped me purchase a longbow. Then we left the others and doubled back to stake out the area around our rooms. We didn’t observe anyone staking out our rooms, but fortuitously, we witnessed someone trying to leave a message for us. I confronted him and verified that he was sent by the Karakana Knights. He was delivering a letter telling us that they found the location of the sword. While I was at our rooming house, the proprietor gave us two more letters: one from John, giving us a mission to investigate a man on the other end of town who has been amassing quite  bit of wealth, and another letter from the Umbrian military sending us on a mission.

We were attacked by eight Shou assassins, led by Captain Zhang Ming himself. Before he died he indicated that the emperor would not send any more assassins. Hopefully that is true. I took his katana as my own.

We scouted out the mansion at the other end of town. The old cook told us it belonged to an evil man, named Fredrickson Decantri. He quickly drew up a map of the mansion for us.

916 Ikinampu 13

We recovered in our room and revisited the mansion after dark. We encountered a blind man in the kitchen, and quickly made our way to the slave pens. There we freed the three slaves we found in the cells, and placed the one guard we encountered in one of the cells. We found Fredrickson Decantri sleeping in his bed. We questioned him, but he would not give us any information. Searching the mansion we found papers indicating that this may be the center for the Haybill corporation.

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