Reverb takes a seat in one of the Lamda shuttle’s cargo holds where he made a makeshift bed for Hest’s unconscious body.

“You would have been proud today, Hest. Trager got captured with the droid on the way from Jaden’s ship and we had to retrieve him.

“It was like so many missions before, but we didn’t have the benefit of a Jedi leading us, so we had to rely on the lessons I learned from Master Tarnok taught me. First we did some reconnaissance to determine the quantity and frequency of the patrols. From there I came up with a plan.

“Puppy kicked things off with a distraction using one of the frag grenades. Once we had their attention diverted, I took out the two stormtroopers by the door and gave Puppy a hand with one of the two on his side.

“While Puppy was finishing off the remaining stormtrooper, Argunta and I rushed the door and opened it using the stormtrooper’s key.

“Once inside, I blasted our way through the stormtroopers patrolling inside until we made it to Traeger’s cell. You had to see how Traeger, with his hands bound behind his back, was fending off the line stormtrooper guarding him. Traeger was weaving and ducking its shots and kicking its shins. As funny as it was to watch, I put an end to it quickly with a single shot in the trooper’s head.

“With Traeger secured, I used a nearby terminal to locate our droid, but we also discovered that an Inquisitor was on their way and determined we wouldn’t have time, so we retreated.

“Father Donovan was able to provide us with a ship, a Lambda class shuttle, and we took off.

“The Empire had the planet locked down, so we weren’t surprised when three tie fighters gave chase. Fortunately, Traeger was finally sober and in top flying condition. Puppy and I helped with the laser cannons while Argunta managed the shields. Traeger was able to leverage the nearby asteroid belt for cover and occasionally I had to repair the shields. It was a close call, but we took them out and made it to hyperspace.

“We made our way back to Raxus Secundus, but we had to land over a day’s walk from the settlement.

“That night, we were attacked by a large four-armed monstrosity. It almost mauled Argunta to death before I could put it down with my rifle.

“You have to come back to us, Hest. We need to find Master Tarnok.”

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