Puppy Dog Eyes

That was a close call, but we did it. We exfiltrated our target. It wasn’t the most precarious situation I’ve been in, but General Tarnok is usually there to guide us. Fortunately, Hest was there. Not only did he shield us from that red-robed force user, but the target trusts him. They always do. Something about those watery eyes…

Maybe that’s why she doesn’t trust the Mandalorian. It’s hard to trust someone when you can’t see their face—something I’ve learned to live with. And it’s a shame; Puppy really put his life on the line to save her, multiple times. I wonder how he got the name Puppy. I’ll have to ask him sometime. He seems like a good soldier. I hope he gets the credit he’s due. It would be nice to know he’s smiling with pride under that helmet.

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